Wednesday, December 18, 2013

026: Indie Horror and the Chamber of Creepypasta

File:Slender playground.jpg


In this episode:
  • This has nothing to do with the episode, but Fio sent this to me before we started recording, and I wanted to share it.
  • In retrospect, it might have been more appropriate to categorize this episode as "Internet horror" rather than "indie horror." Oh, well.
  • Fio wanted me to mention that, in regards to a lot of the movies we mention toward the end of the podcast--they're not necessarily "good," but that doesn't necessarily mean they're not worth watching.
  • From Fio's timemarks: "53:00 – I didn't really lay into you on the podcast, but your characterization of both Mary Shelley and Robinson Crusoe as Victorian is incorrect, haha." In my defense, I wasn't saying Robinson Crusoe was Victorian--I was trying to recall if paid-by-the-word spanned from the Robinson Crusoe-era to the Victorian era. My apologies for labeling Frankenstein as Victorian literature, though.
  • In reference to Tribe Twelve: I say that the beginning of the story is based around the poster's visit with his "friend"--it's actually his cousin.
  • Intro: "Mad World" - Adam Lambert (Cover) | YouTube |
  • Outro: "Der Erlkönig" - Franz Schubert (performed by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau & Gerald Moore) | YouTube | iTunes |
(Screenshot taken from I did my best to find something that wasn't completely horrifying to use as a cover image, but also wouldn't get me in trouble with use permission and such. Otherwise I probably would've used a Trenderman comic.)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

025: The Walking Dead 4x08 "Too Far Gone" - Dead Air

SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4 MID-SEASON FINALE (as well as spoilers for Albert Camus' The Stranger and Schindler's List [1993])

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x08 "Too Far Gone," including the final showdown between Rick and the Governor, the legacy left behind by one of our favorite characters, where the group stands now, and the differences in the ways that NBC's Hannibal and AMC's The Walking Dead handle violence and gore.
  • The Nerdist's recap of the episode, which I reference multiple times throughout this episode
  • What the fuck is up with that thing nailed to the wall?
  • What the fuck is up with Lizzie?
  • What the fuck are they going to do now that Hershel's gone and everyone's separated?
  • What the fuck are they going to do about shelter and protection without the prison?
  • What the fuck?
  • Alas, Tara and Alisha were not to be.
  • I pull in several different references and connections this episode. Bear with me.
  • Our next episode will be in two weeks (12/19), and we'll be discussing either indie horror or horror video games--so stay tuned!
  • Let us know on Tumblr if there are other horror topics you'd like us to cover.
  •  I started thinking more about the Schindler's List scene I referenced, and I think what Schindler was actually trying to convince Goeth of was that the greatest sign of power is being able to show mercy. Again, I've only seen the movie once.
  • Highlights from Fio's timemarking:
    • 45:40 - I pause. I pause like a fiend. A fiendish fiend. 
    • 47:25 - I say “crush his enemies under his heel” which is a cliche. In hindsight, I should have said something more colorful like “Be king shit of zombiefuck mountain.”
    • 55:19 - I need to find another word to use in place of pause.
    • 56:14 - Fenrap. That’s my new word for pause.
    • 1:01:17 - No edits, but my stomach just made a forlorn little whimper as I type this. I already ate though, so I have no idea why. Any thoughts? 
    • 1:13:35 - How do I not come up with the word “humanity” in here? Carrying on with a degree of humanity, fhtagn, how fucking inarticulate can I be… 

  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes
  • Outro: "The Day the World Went Away" - Nine Inch Nails | YouTube | iTunes |

(Screencap from, meme made using

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

024: The Walking Dead 4x07 "Dead Weight" - Zombie Ninjas

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x07 (as well as some minor spoilers for 4x08)

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x07 "Dead Weight," including the Governor's change of heart BACK, the Chamblers, the short life of Martinez, foreshadowing, and what horrors are yet to come. 
  • There are several things the writers could do next episode that would make Fio very upset with them. He elaborates during the podcast.
  • What did guard duty ever do to this show?
  • Tara has a girlfriend! We hope that neither of them get killed off before they're able to develop their relationship.
  • Between 42:45 and 43:53, I mention some slightly spoilery stuff about next episode based on the sneak peek they showed during this week's episode of Talking Dead. It's nothing particularly big, but if you're a stickler about avoiding spoilers, there's your warning.
  • How dark has this season been, really?
  • We offer some predictions for the mid-season finale. None of them end in sunshine and rainbows.
  • Aaaand we round out the discussion with some of our plans for the podcast during the break. Let us know in the comments here, on Tumblr, or through one of our other modes of communication what you'd like to hear us discuss.
  • During our discussion of Tara and Alisha's flowering relationship, I kept trying and failing to remember the trope name for what I was talking about. It's the Bury Your Gays trope on TV Tropes.
  • Also, this slipped our mind when we recorded, but to our American listeners: Happy Thanksgiving! And to our non-American listeners (or American listeners who don't celebrate Thanksgiving): Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

023: The Walking Dead 4x06 "Live Bait" - Brutally Smushed

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x06 (as well as some mild cast spoilers for the rest of the season)

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x06 "Live Bait," including the Governor's change of heart, the Chamblers, the logistical nightmare that this episode is, David Morrissey's comments on the character from Talking Dead, and how the rest of this half of the season might play out
  • Seriously, the details of this episode raise too many questions. How did they survive so long not knowing how to kill zombies? How did the Governor survive wandering around half-catatonic? Can David Morrissey sing, and if so, could he pull off the climactic finale to the stage musical adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde?
  • We discuss and relive the brutal moments down in the pit. I then proceed to mention how I did not want to relive the brutal moments down in the pit.
  • SUBTLETY. This show has it.
  • Okay, an episode or two devoted to catching us up on what happened with the Governor is cool, but if they draw this out until the show comes back in February, HEADS WILL ROLL.
  • Jeff Goldblum as Dracula. In the words of a great man: "Well... There it is."

  • Judging by his excitement in the note, Fio probably wanted me to bring this timemark of his to your attention:
    • 49:30 – HOLY SHIT what if the governor's leaving the live rats to bait the walkers into the prison so it gets overrun and they eat everyone so him and martinez and the chamblers can roll in and clear out the prison of walkers and take it for themselves?
  • Early on I mistakenly call Meghan "Lilly," which is her mother's name. My bad.
  • Now looking at this podcast episode title, I kind of want to come up with a parody of the song "Totally F***ed" from Spring Awakening called "Brutally Smushed."
  • Wow, my summary of what happens with the love triangle in the TV version of The Stand is STUNNING. "Main character dude," "nerdy dude," and "Molly Ringwald." Clearly the miniseries had a deep and profound effect on me.
  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "Confrontation" - Jekyll & Hyde: Resurrection Soundtrack | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

022: The Walking Dead 4x05 "Internment" - Don't Die

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x05 (as well as mild spoilers for Dracula 1x03 and Sleepy Hollow 1x07)

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x05 "Internment," including Hershel being a badass, father/son bonding with Rick and Carl, all of the shit hitting the fan (gettin' kind of messy in here), our concern for the lives of several characters, and the RETURN OF THE GOVERNOR (dun dun DUN).
  • Seriously, Hershel and Maggie are awesome this episode.
  • We bid adieu to Dr. Caleb, and consider the future of the community of the prison now that half of them are dead and there's a big gaping hole in their fence.
  • What can we expect from the Governor? Only time will tell.
  • I make some vague predictions about Lizzie. In short: nothing good.
  • Fio made movies in high school that involved fake blood! This does not surprise me.
  • At about 44:54, we do a rundown of a bunch of different shows we're watching/have heard about at the moment. Shows mentioned include: Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist, Grimm, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Reign (yes, I saw the first episode of Reign, and yes, it's as silly as everyone makes it out to be).
  • I was right about the word "intubator." I REALLY need to be more confident in the words I say.
  • Fio and I seem to be hazy about several plot points. Please let us know if you can clarify any of them.
  • I think my "Oh, FUCK EVERYTHING" tweet may have actually been in response to the zombies breaking through the first fence.
  • Looking through the screencaps now--Fio was right about the zombies breaking through the second fence.
  • In reference to Reign: I was looking for the phrase "historical figure," not "historical character."
  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes
  • Outro: "The One You Left Behind" - Vayden | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

021: The Walking Dead 4x04 "Indifference" - The Pancake Conversation

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x04 (as well as mild spoilers for NBC's DRACULA 1x01 and 1x02)

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x04 "Indifference," including the continuing adventures of Team Badass Beyond, Rick's and Carol's combating philosophies, red shirt hippies, Bob and going back to the drink, and trying to maintain your humanity in the face of adversity.
  • Michonne continues to be such an awesome character this season.
  • How does Carol really characterize her relationship with Lizzie and Mika?
  • Did Rick make the right decision sending Carol away?
  • All of the acting on this show--all of the awards.
  • Ian gets a little deep. He also invokes Animorphs and The Dark Knight in his attempt to connect ALL THE THINGS.
  • Also, at 58:52, we do a short "Dracula-Cast" discussion of the first couple of episodes of NBC's Dracula.
  • Ian says "that tattoo was on the girl's arm." Pretty sure it was actually her leg.
  • This is a little ambiguous because of some oddly phrased stuff we cut, but when Ian asks "Were you expecting him to find booze in there?" and Fio replies "Of course not" we weren't discussing Daryl finding booze in Bob's bag, because... duh. We were talking about Bob finding booze in the veterinary hospital.
  • Fio "wanted to make a clear distinction that even if Rick is reminiscing, this is firmly not the same Rick who was 6th Sensing it up last season, this is a healthier response and doesn't reek of denial the way his visions of Lori did last season."
  • Btw, anyone want to join my new band, "Visions of Lori"?
  • During our Dracula discussion, Fio accidentally says John Rhys-Davies instead of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. An easy mistake.
  • More highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • 41:35 – Here you say “Zombie Apallalypse” instead of “Zombie Apocalypse.” It can't get cut out, because your point wouldn't make sense, I just thought it was funny.
    • 41:30 – 44:29 – While you're going on your Animorphs spiel (there aren't really any necessary cuts that stand out), let me ask, have you heard the new AFI album yet? It's really good. Like, really good.
    • 1:01:25 – I totally lost track of what I was saying and fuck up the way I used the word broach. My soul hurts now.
    • 1:07:50 – I totally fuck up and confuse Jonathan Rhys Meyers with John Rhys-Davies and I'm furious with myself. That would have made a really interesting series, though.
  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "Changes (1999 Digital Remaster)" - David Bowie | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

020: The Walking Dead 4x03 "Isolation" - Rick Grimes, Zombie P.I.

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x03

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x03 "Isolation," including the spread of the sickness to everyone we love and hold dear, Rick's investigation of the deaths of Karen and David, Hershel being everyone's hero, and EVERTHING IS BAD AND NOTHING IS OKAY.
  • ...except for the fact that TEAM BADASS is back! And they've got at least one new addition! (I'm not quite sure if I count Bob Stookey as part of Team Badass yet. We shall see.)
  • Beth and Maggie talking to each other through a door is NOT OKAY.
  • Ian comes to a very twisted conclusion about the culprit(s?) behind Karen and David's deaths.
  • Speculation from the fandom
  • Marilyn Manson on Talking Dead. Hoo boy. 
  • In the spirit of the season, we give our horror movie recommendations.
  • I forgot to mention my spontaneous livetweeting of the new Asylum movie on Syfy, Zombie Night. It's so much easier to livetweet when each new plot point just throws another wave of WTF at you rather than sending you into a spiral of despair.
  • DRACULA FANS: Cleo has posted her recap of the first episode of NBC's Dracula! Much hilarity ensues.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

019: The Walking Dead 4x02 "Infected" - Sticky Little Brood Monsters

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x02

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x02 "Infected," including the sickness spreading in the prison, Carol and her new charges Lizzie and Mika, Beth and Michonne's character dynamics, Rick and Carl trying to make their relationship work, and Kareeeeeeeeen.
  • The difficulties of livetweeting a show that has minimal levity.
  • Okay, so whoever's on watch--they have to see someone feeding the zombies, right? ...Right?
  • People are dropping like flies, but what everyone's really broken up about is the pigs.
  • Is Carol being too hard, or is this appropriate zombie apocalypse behavior?
  • Looks like we may discover some interesting bits of Michonne's backstory this season! Hopefully they don't kill her off before we get to find out what it is.
  • Take the lighter moments while you still can, 'cause it's all downhill from here. For example, the adorableness that is Judith Grimes.
  • Humor and horror: two sides of the same coin?
  • This episode meanders a bit. I'm wondering if it's because we only have two days to process each episode before we discuss, whereas with Hannibal, we had almost a week to come up with things to talk about.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps for editing this episode:
    • ~29:30 - You mention "A History of Violence" and trail off. This is because I was struck with a brief but vivid fantasy of traversing a zombie apocalypse with Viggo Mortensen that totally derailed every other thought in my head.
    • 42:45 – Pause, also, how did you come up with “not consumption but burnination” and totally miss the opportunity for “not consumption but combustion”
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

018: The Walking Dead 4x01 "30 Days Without an Accident" - Power Dynamic Apple Cart

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x01

In this episode:
  • New opening theme! Let us know what you think.
  • A couple of Hannibal updates: 
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x01 "30 Days Without an Accident," including the community that's been established at the prison, Rick's new groove, new character dynamics, Creepy Clara, and what Patrick's untimely fate means for the community.
  • Beth and the kids: Are these appropriate reactions to the zombie apocalypse?
  • Michonne still has a personality! Yay!
  • Ian is afraid EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE. (Specifically, people who have been there since season 1.)
  • A few theories about the Governor's whereabouts.
  • How long will these zombies last?
  • I haven't had a chance to re-listen to the whole episode yet, so I'm not sure if there's anything that needs to go here. I'll probably end up editing this once I do.
  • Okay, here's something: There is a really strange noise at 32:08, and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe it's just my copy of the file. Who knows. I think it might be a sound from Skype or something.
  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "33" - Coheed and Cambria  | YouTube | iTunes |
(Screencap from

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

017: The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 - The Neverending Zombie Movie
SPOILERS FOR AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD SEASONS 1 - 3, LOST SEASONS 2 & 3, DOCTOR WHO #199 "THE NEXT DOCTOR," and mild spoilers for Dracula by Bram Stoker and the cast of The Walking Dead Season 4

In this episode:
  • My...triumphant?...return? I dunno. I talk a lot this episode. Hopefully I don't bore everyone.
  • Discussion of the first three seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead, including major themes and plot points, character arcs, and audience reaction. We keep it fairly linear, but we do jump around a bit.
  • The first 20 minutes of this episode are actually not very spoilery, aside from a major spoiler from the first episode. If you're looking for reasons to start watching, though, that may be a good place to start.
  • More on the TV show vs. the graphic novel, including the advantages of a televised format
  • Season 1: The Southern Gothic tradition, Morgan and the first episode, the "zombie movie"
  • Season 2: Pacing, tackling tough issues, exploring the zombie apocalypse from multiple angles, Daryl
  • Season 3: David Morissey as the Governor, Rick's mental issues, Andrea's character arc
  • How would Hannibal fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Links:
  • I apologize if the volume levels are iffy this episode; I kind of glossed over that by accident this time around.
  • I didn't take the time to splice in music from The Omen when I talk about Damien the cat. Sorry, Fio.
  • It's been a while since I watched a lot of these episodes, so forgive me for my incorrect details.
  • I forgot to mention Daryl and T-Dog in the list of characters from the first season.
  • When I started talking about the way that the show presents issues, I thought of another thing I like about the way they write: Because they aren't so preachy about issues, they let the audience come to their own decisions and develop their own opinions about the situation.
  • I mentioned Andrea having a wrench in the season 3 finale. It was pliers.
  • Caesar is probably better known by his last name, Martinez.
  • Intro/Outro: "Walking Dead" - Z-Trip feat. Chester Bennington | YouTube | iTunes |

("Stay In The House Image" taken from

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

016: A Spine-chilling Anthology of Scintillating Tales OR How to Get Weird and Die Trying

SPOILERS FOR Batwoman, The Sandman, Avengers Academy, Avengers Arena, Fringe, Hawkeye, The Wake, Lost? Maybe? Can you spoil Lost? I still don't know what's happening, Metaphors about Lost we definitely spoil those, The Spectre, Jack Kirby Characters in General, The Black Racer in Specific, The Flash, Swamp Thing, Mike Carey's Lucifer a little?, The Sandman Again, The Dark Half, The Walking Dead Kinda (jumped the gun. Whoops, sorry)

In this episode:
  • Horror Comics are on the docket.
    • As per usual, though, our discussion goes all over the place.
  • We talk mostly about the Big Two when it comes to how horror comics have affected us. We do jump out a little bit, but our discussions pretty much circle around characters that you're probably aware of, none of us are trying to be huge comic hipsters and reference comics that some dude printed in a local zine in Chicago upon which I did not at all spend an inordinate amount of money for really crappy comics that I'll never get to talk to anyone about because they were so bad shut up.
  • We complain a bit about the monochrome marketing strategy DC's employing.
  • Marvel comes out of the discussion a little better but you guys aren't off the hook either. Both of you could be doing better.
  • Per Christina: "Swamp Thing is about a guy who used to be a guy who it turns out wasn't a guy at all ever and just some fuckin' Swamp Thing"
    • Oh yeah, it's also pretty explicit. Pretend I said that up there.
  • This is a "little nubbins of a plant thing."
  • Dylan says "the 'comic audience' is a myth that publishers are clinging to [that doesn't really exist]." Nothing else to say, I just wanted to reiterate that.
  • This episode was originally supposed to be about women in horror comics. That didn't exactly happen. We ocassionally talk about women who are in horror comics, but that just gives me an excuse to do another comics episode.
  • We talk a lot about Constantine. That has its own show in development. If it gets picked up I will fight Ian to the death over our right to recap it. Hopefully it'll have nothing to do with the movie.
  • Opening quote and a few other citations are from "The Ten-Cent Plague" by David Hajdu
  • This is the ComicsAlliance article I refer to during the episode.
  • You can find our recommendations for comics here, here, and here.
  • Someone shared this link to an indie horror film they were working on and we've been remiss in sharing it back with you all. Check it out and donate if'n you can.
  • Intro: "Dig Up Her Bones" - The Misfits | YouTubeiTunes |
  • Outro: "Mr. Sandman" -  written by Pat Ballard and originally performed by the Chordettes, covered by Blind Guardian | YouTube |
(Cover image is Chamber of Chills #23 published by Harvey Comics. Screencap from

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BONUS: Cthulhu Gloom - Ribbit, B*tch

No spoiler warning! But I will say there are parts of this that are NSFW.

In this episode:
  • Back in July, Fio and I played a game of Cthulhu Gloom with our friends Vic and Louie. Since Fio just did an episode on Lovecraft, we felt this would work nicely as a companion episode.
  • Listen as we tell stories most eldritch, non-Euclidean, and squamous in nature. Who must inventory their limbs? Who gets rattled by rats? Who gets thwarted the most while trying to kill off their miserable characters to win the game?
  • The official Cthulhu Gloom website, with game rules
  • The characters from the starter set, and the Dreamland characters, if you wanted to see what they looked like on the cards. These pages also show the flavor text from the cards.
  • Here's some quick reference for who's playing which family:
    • Ian is playing characters from the Dreamlands: Barzai the Wise, King Kuranes, Richard Pickman, and Mo'mo'mo
    • Vic is playing characters from Arkham Sanitarium: Dr. Willet, Cassilda & Camilla, Henry Akeley, and Tigger-Man
    • Fio is playing characters from Innsmouth: Barnabas Marsh, Pth'thya-I'yi, Joe Sargent, and Zadok Allen
    • Louie is playing characters from the Whateley family: Old Whateley, Lavinia Whateley, Wilbur Whateley, and Junior
  • I recorded this on my voice recorder, so the audio quality is not the same as our regular episodes, but I did my best to tidy it up. Please let me know if it's completely unlistenable. The audio quality VASTLY improves when I move the recorder onto the table around the 16 minute mark.
  • To give a little context for some of the random comments we make, we had just seen Pacific Rim the day before, as well as the Avengers Rifftrax. As for all of the other comments we make without context...well, be glad you weren't sitting at our table at meal times back in college.
  • Intro: "Goin' Down to Dunwich" - The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Break 1: "The Kraken" - Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Original Soundtrack) | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Break 2: "Devouring the Dragon" - Danny Elfman, Red Dragon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) | iTunes |
  • Break 3: "Forward to Time Past" - John Williams, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Original Soundtrack) | iTunes |
  • Outro: "The Thing That Should Not Be" - Metallica | YouTube | iTunes |
(Cover art taken from the Cthulhu Gloom order page.)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

015: Stop! In the Name of Lovecraft

SPOILERS FOR... Well, nothing's really spoiled, but some stuff just kind of gets mentioned. Just to be safe? Oh gods... I don't even know... Lovecraft's Bibliography, Dr. McNinja, Evil Dead, IT, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Scrabble?, Ghostbusters, The Thing (1982, 2011, and the 2002 game), Hellboy 1&2, Pacific Rim, Shadow Hearts, and a lot of other stuff.

In this episode:
  • We're talkin' Lovecraft.
  • As we mentioned in the last episode, Ian decided to take a bit of a break to recharge his batteries, so it was up to Fio to recruit a guest host to help bear the neural load of completing this podcast. He chose an old friend, Turner, who's currently pursuing his doctorate in Neuroscience.
  • We breeze by about a million things to try and communicate the scope of wildly different pieces of media that Lovecraft has had an influence on. We probably fail.
  • If you're not familiar with how racist Lovecraft can be, it's honestly ridiculous. It reaches uncomfortable Poe's Law levels at times. I don't think we quite get into it enough on the podcast, but even if you brace yourself for the kind of racism and anti-antisemitism that you might find in early works, there are some bits of Lovecraft that will probably take you by surprise.
    • So this would be the time to let you know that here's a crapload of his work.
    • If you want to enjoy Lovecraft that isn't horribly racist, we recommend Cthulhu Gloom or Arkham Horror
  • This is the Call of Cthulhu film that we reference. It clocks in at 46 minutes and is currently available to stream on Netflix.
  • Pacific Rim is a character story. Somebody back me up on this.
  • "Wrecking your shit for no reason" is the only motivation any of the interesting characters in Lovecraft need.
  • Next episode we're going to talk about horror comics and I swear to you we'll manage to record for longer than an hour this time.
  • We mention Japanese games with possibly Lovecraftian influence and somehow I completely forget to mention that Nyarlathotep is the villain of Persona 2. And I really love the Persona series. Shame, shame.
  • Fio corrects Turner when he's talking about "The Rats in the Walls," saying that the mad idiot god at the center of the Universe is Azathoth, however, in "The Rats in the Walls," for whatever reason, Lovecraft refers to Nyarlathotep being the mad god in the center of the earth surrounded by pipers. Soooo... bad Fio.
  • Other titles I briefly considered for this episode: "Lovecraft in the Time of Cholera," "I'm not gonna' write you a Lovecraft song 'cause you asked for it," "What is Lovecraft? Baby don't hurt me," "Lovecraft Actually starring Alan Rickman," "Shot through the heart, and you're... screw it, you get it. 
  • Intro: "The Innsmouth Look" - Darkest of the Hillside Thickets | iTunes |
  • Outro: "Love will Tear us Apart" - Joy Division | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

014: Hannibal Rising (2007) - Hannibal Lecter, Nazi Killer

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In this episode:
  • Back to just Fio and me (thanks again, Cleo!). And we're trying out something new with the opening! Let us know if you like it or if change makes you go into the fetal position (hoo, boy; wait 'til the end of this episode).
  • Discussion of the 2007 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Hannibal Rising, including Gaspard Ulliel's performance as the young Hannibal Lecter, Rhys Ifans and his band of Nazis, Thomas Harris' screenplay, and what material they might use in NBC's Hannibal.
  • David Bowie is like cheese and bacon.
  • I want a comic/gifset of the movie's conversation with Fio. No, this is not a contest, it's just something I really, really want to see.
  • Here's the gorgeous forest shot Fio and I appreciated.
  • I make another comparison to The Phantom of the Opera.
  • We ask the hard-hitting questions: Did this movie need to be made? Does Hannibal's motivation make sense? How disappointed would we be if David Bowie wasn't in Season 2 of NBC's Hannibal?
  • Fuller's version will probably be ridiculously coherent.
  • The problem of origin stories, and the pacing of novels vs. the pacing of movies
  • Poor Abigail. Poor, poor Abigail.
  • This is the way our discussion of Hannibal in film ends. (You know the rest.)
  • We finish up with a few updates on the future of the podcast.
  • Part of me is still trying to figure out the whole cannibalism-begets-cannibalism thing. Is it like, "Well, if I was willing to eat my sister, then everyone else is fair game"?
  • I totally forgot to mention all of the ways you can contact us at the end of this episode. Whoops. Well, there's our sidebar up there; you can find links for email and everything there.
  • Intro: "Howl" - Beware of Darkness | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "Goldberg Variations BWV 988 - Aria" - Johann Sebastian Bach (performed by Kimiko Ishizaka) | Free Download |
(Screencap from

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

013: Red Dragon (2002) - RIDE With Me!

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In this episode:
  • Cleolinda joins us once again for the final Anthony Hopkins Hannibal movie! (See, we can be completionist, too :P )
  • RIDE with us as we discuss the 2002 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon, including Brett Ratner's directing decisions, Danny Elfman's score, Ralph Fiennes performance as Francis Dolarhyde, and Anthony Hopkins' performance as Hannibal.
  • Listen to our FANTASTIC renditions of Danny Elfman's score.
  • If you ever want to hear Cleo talk in a pirate voice, now's your chance. Also, a fanfic is born.
  • I stumbled upon the alternate ending of "Manhunter" the other day, and it's got quite a different spin on it than the ending they used.
  • Life Advice from Cleolinda Jones
  • Cleo reads from the last page of Red Dragon.
  • I make the WORST pun in the history of the podcast.
  • Michael Bay's "Red Dragon": What Could Have Been
  • OUTTAKES: Highlights from our first attempt at recording this episode. And by "highlights," I mean, "Mostly just listen to Cleo's audio degrade and create comedy gold as it struggles to fight a thunderstorm."
  • I say on the podcast that this is the 2004 adaptation of Red Dragon. It was 2002. My apologies.
  • Trepidatious IS a word! I should have more confidence in my abilities to word. 
  • UPDATE: Cleo made a post about her episodes of the podcast, linking to some of the follow-up questions she answered on Tumblr, including her ideal book/movie Hannibal ending and what order people should watch the movies in.
  • Intro quote: South Park, Season 8, Ep. 13, "Cartman's Incredible Gift" - DO YOU SEE!
  • Intro song: "Main Titles" - Danny Elfman, Red Dragon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) | iTunes |
  • Outro song: "He's Back!" - Danny Elfman, Red Dragon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)  | iTunes |
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

012: Hannibal (2001) - Child Martini Tears


In this episode:
  • Cleolinda joins us again!
  • Listen as we oscillate back and forth between amusement and utter horror. Get a drink; this one's a doozy.
  • Discussion of the 2001 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Hannibal, including Jesus, Take the Wheel, This Fucking Movie
  • This episode is somewhat long and meandering, so in addition to giving you time marks here, there are a few musical breaks in the episode:
    • Anthony Hopkins performance (29:38), which we continue to discuss throughout
    • The birth of Hannibal's memory palace (42:53), and the implications it has on the NBC series
    • Musical Break (48:15)
    • Opinions on Mason Verger (49:12). Short version: he's a horrible person.
    • The ending of the book, the original script, and the filmed ending, starting with a discussion of Krendler (Ray Liotta) (54:34)
    • I go off on a tangent comparing this to Phantom: Love Never Dies (1:17:37).
    • Musical Break (1:25:52)
    • Hannibal's literary family, and the effect the audience has on the creator (1:26:48)
    • "Clarice" Easter Egg on the Hannibal DVD (1:41:01)
    • Musical Break (1:43:26)
    • I start paging through my notes for stuff to talk about, and we jump around to a lot of different topics (1:44:38)
    • My list of CAPS LOCK comments to round off the discussion (1:58:47), including more Krendler rage and discussion of the final scene
    • Musical Break (2:12:27)
    • A short discussion of the Comic-Con panel and the other pannibal (2:13:00)
  • Florence is gorgeous. 'Nuff said.
  • Hannibal is insane. No, really.
  • "I'm Ridley Scott, and I DO WHAT I WANT."
  • Seriously--Julianne Moore does a good job!
  • Fuckin' Nazis, man.
  • Horror: It's not about the viscera.
  • Mason Verger is a horrible person.
  • Krendler is a dickwheel.
  • God bless everybody.
  • Links:
    • Cleo's posts on the Comic-Con panel and the other pannibal
    • If anyone knows who the Tumblr user doing the specialized flower crowns is, can you send us a link, either by email or comment or Tumblr ask? I tried Googling it and had trouble finding it. Thanks!
  • Once again, we had a few issues with Cleo's audio, but I did my best to edit around it.
  • We didn't really answer Cleo's question about how we interpreted Clarice's tear at the end of the movie. I guess for me I'd go with "anguish"--like, "How did it come to this?"
  • In listening to "Beneath a Moonless Sky" (aka "The Fucking Song"), I discovered I was wrong about when the Phantom and Christine, ah, did the deed. It wasn't during that night from the first musical. It was ON THE EVE OF CHRISTINE AND RAOUL'S WEDDING. O_O Why do these sorts of things just continue to get more fucked up?
  • Also, for the record: I actually really like a lot of the music in Love Never Dies, including "Beneath a Moonless Sky." It's just the lyrics and story that get me. I mean, the way I look at BaMS is that it's trying to be "The Point of No Return," except a LOT more literal with all of the sexual innuendo, to the point where it's not even innuendo anymore.
  • We didn't exactly get into the more objectionable stuff in the book beyond Fio's quick reference to it early on, but if you're curious, there is the Wikipedia page. Consider yourself warned, though.
  • Pretty sure I pronounced Mason Verger's last name two different ways this episode. I apologize.
  • Also, I start talking about the "naked" drawings close to the end of our movie discussion, and listening back to it, I probably should've use the word "nude." "Naked" just sounds awkward to me. I don't know. Again, apologies.
  • While writing up this post and searching for the YouTube links for the music, I got wrapped up in a couple of clips from Silence of the Lambs, so forgive me if this went up later than expected. You understand. 
  • I seriously never used to curse this much, let alone drop the f-bomb left and right. What happened? #hannibalhappened #duh
  • "Vide Cor Meum" - Patrick Cassidy and Hans Zimmer | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "Beneath a Moonless Sky" - Andrew Lloyd Webber | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "Clarice" - Marc Streitenfeld | YouTube |
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

011: Silence of the Lambs (1991) - CLARICE!


Also, the opening song is definitely NSFW.

In this episode:
  • Cleolinda Jones joins us for our discussion! W00T!
  • Discussion of the 1991 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel The Silence of the Lambs, including Jodie Foster's performance as Clarice, Anthony Hopkins' iconic performance as Hannibal, and comparing/contrasting with NBC Hannibal
  • This is another long one, so here are some time marks for major discussions:
    • What is horror? (7:48) The Wikipedia article on horror and terror, featuring the Ann Radcliffe definition Cleo mentions
    • Watching "Silence of the Lambs" in the context of NBC's Hannibal (23:20)
    • Cinematography and blocking (36:15)
    • TV SPOILERS: Abigail's dead, guys, and we need to start the healing process. Also, IT SOMEHOW FINDS A WAY TO GET WORSE. (48:28)
    • Ted Levine's performance as Buffalo Bill (1:11:05)
    • The problematic nature of Buffalo Bill's confusing trans*?/not trans*?/genderqueer? status, intersectionality, and how to be a fan of problematic things (1:15:24)
    • Casting discussion (1:34:52)
    • Will NBC get the rights to the Silence of the Lambs characters? Also, possible alternatives. (1:47:14)
    • Why people should go ahead and watch "Silence of the Lambs," despite it being the blueprint for future seasons of the TV series (1:51:40)
    • Flower crowns: what is the dealio. (1:54:25)
  • Cleo sheds light on different aspects of the story and film-making with her notes on the Criterion commentary and deleted scenes.
  • Cleo and Fio (holy crap I just realized that rhymes) have both read the books. I have not. They have cool insights into the movie and how it compares to the book. I do not.
  • Apparently, Cleo falls out of her chair a lot. X)
  • Clarice really is a badass.
  • Lecter's "humanity," and how this influenced Hopkin's portrayal
  • Here's a list of odds and ends links:
  • We had a slight issue with Cleo's audio at some points, but I don't think it gets too distracting.
  • I couldn't find the name of the girl Clarice examines in the moment Jodie Foster refers to as "hero accepting her task." If anyone knows, leave a comment or send us an email.
  • We did our best in the time we had to discuss the issues of Buffalo Bill's problematic representation/non-representation of the trans* community, but please let us know if any corrections need to be made or if someone better informed than us would like to weigh in on the discussion.
  • A lot of stuff happened at the SDCC panel and the fan meet-up, which we'll probably discuss a little bit next episode.
  • I'm probably forgetting something. Let us know in the comments or email.
  • Intro: "Put the F*cking Lotion in the Basket" - Jon Kaplan & Al Kaplan | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "Goodbye Horses" - Garvey | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

010: Manhunter (1986) - Dolarhyde's Chairs


In this episode:
  • Discussion of "Manhunter," the 1986 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon, including Brian Cox's interpretation of Hannibal, the hallmarks of '80s movies, Tom Noonan's interpretation of Francis Dolarhyde, and off-putting chair designs
  • Seriously, every time the movie feels like it's not so '80s, you get an '80s power ballad or Will Graham calling Dolarhyde "sport."
  • Actually, who does Will think he is, Jay Gatsby?
  • Serial killers--did "Manhunter" define their depiction in film? (Martha DeLaurentiis believes so)
  • We look at the way Will interprets crime scenes in this movie, and how it compares to the TV series.
  • What WAS Tom Noonan doing?
  • Dolarhyde's kitchen chairs! They're very distracting! (Have you heard my new indie-prog-punk-core band, Dolarhyde's Chairs?) (Thanks to for the find [and Cleolinda for the request]!)
  • MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING OF RED DRAGON. In short: Things don't work out quite as well for Will as they do in the movie. (Maybe if he'd done an '80s action-movie window crash...?)
  • The Hannibal Book Club on Tumblr
  • We're Alive, the Zombie Radio Drama
  • We've announced a contest winner!
  • Also, the special guest next episode is none other than Cleolinda Jones! Listen in next time as we discuss Silence of the Lambs (1991)!
  • Sensuous. I think that's the word I was looking for when talking about Reba's experience with the tiger. Much different connotation.
  • We apologize to the '80s. We really don't hate you. It's just your over-the-top synth ballads that are somewhat disconcerting amidst dark psychological drama.
  • "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - Iron Butterfly | YouTube | iTunes | (They only have the single version on iTunes! I KNOW!)
  • "Heartbeat" - Red 7 | YouTube | iTunes | (Oh, '80s music videos.)
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

009: Hannibal 1x13 "Savoureux" - Like a Powder Charge into an Old-Timey Musket



In this episode:
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x13 "Savoureux," and the many things that went down in the season 1 finale
  • This is a long episode, so here's a breakdown of some of the major conversations we had amidst the episode recap:
    • Thematic similarities between Abigail & Miriam (14:28), with some Mischa and Clarice comparisons
    • How responsible does Hannibal actually feel for Abigail's death? (31:13)
    • Will's time loss interpreted as disassociation vs. memory loss (47:50)
    • The Cryptic Conversations of Dr. Du Maurier and Dr. Lecter, or: How much does Bedelia really know? (1:14:39)
    • Looking forward to season 2 (1:24:00)
    • Plans for the podcast over the summer, this fall, and BEYOND (okay, maybe just for the summer and the fall) (1:35:45)
  • Caroline Dhavernas (Alana) is awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • Let's just get all of our Crawford frustration out: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Better?
  • I make lots of weird noises, especially when watching Hannibal.
  • This show: dramatic irony at its finest.
  • Also, no one's going to admit to murder in this show, but they're definitely going to make damn sure they imply it.
  • No one should want to be Hannibal's friend. Seriously.
  • Last day to submit to the contest! We'll stop accepting submissions at midnight EST on Thursday. If you're working on something but you're not sure if you'll have it finished by then, email us about it, and we'll see if we can work something out.
  • Also, we'll be updating once every two weeks this summer. The next episode will be released July 11, and it'll be a discussion of the movie Manhunter, the first cinematic interpretation of one of the Hannibal books.
  • The Georgia Madchen episode Fio is talking about in reference to Will's disassociation/memory loss is "Buffet Froid," not "Rôti." Our mistake.
  • I've never played a Fatal Frame game, but unless I'm much mistaken, the titular "Fatal Frame" refers to the moment of death, rather than the lifeless body afterward, which makes it not quite as apt a comparison to the bodies presented in Hannibal's office as they go through each of the Copycat Killer's murders. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  • We mentioned that my "Will hallucinated his kiss with Alana" theory was shot down, but didn't exactly say why: Will makes reference to how he's surprised Crawford let her in to see him in the interrogation room, given his "romantic overtures," to which Alana responds, "Jack doesn't know," then glances at the one-way glass in the room, and follows up with, "Didn't know."
  • At some point I say something about Will being in jail, when of course I mean the mental institution. Hey, I wasn't the only one who made the mistake.
  • RE: Reviewing Walking Dead in the fall: If we do decide to discuss The Walking Dead this fall, which is looking more and more likely, we'll have at least one episode recapping the first three seasons to bring everyone up to speed. We won't leave you hanging.
Thanks again to everyone who's been listening! We hope you've enjoyed our discussions about season 1 of NBC's Hannibal--keep listening over the summer as we look back at the movie series!

  • Intro quote: Bill Murray, The Royal Tennenbaums
  • Intro/outro song:  "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - My Chemical Romance | YouTube | iTunes |
(Image copied from this post on the NBC Hannibal Tumblr)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

008: Hannibal 1x12 "Relevés" - Flamey Staggy Glory

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 1x12 

In this episode:
  • We have an official contest post! Check out the prize! Deadline is June 27th, so get on it!
  • Interview with Bryan Fuller 
  • We go into a little bit of detail on our plans over the summer. In short: moving to a bi-weekly format, we'll try and get some guests on, discuss horror-themed stuff, etc.
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x12 "Relevés," Georgia's fate, Will figuring out stuff but not quite cracking it, Jack Crawford getting some stuff right and other stuff horribly wrong, and once again, Hannibal proving that he's the Devil incarnate
  • There is a whole lotta episode here, so we jump around quite a bit.
  • Our text conversation during the episode. This show is very stressful.
  • Silkie chicken
  • Stop-motion live action = “Goosestepping.” It’s a thing. For me, at least. Actually, looking back at that clip, it's not quite as pronounced as I remember, but you get the idea.
  • How does Hannibal do horror better than most modern horror movies? Let me count the ways.
  • Dead theory: it's what's on the menu.
  • A session of Wild Mass Guessing, for kicks, since we're approaching the season finale
  • The NBC Hannibal Tumblr, in all its glory
  • The post I quote from at the end--I screwed up the friggin' joke. The line is, "And in that moment, I SWEAR we were all that blanket."
  • I started thinking about it today--perhaps part of the reason Will is just sort of all, "Yeah, killing your dad felt good" in that scene at the psychiatric hospital with Abigail might've been because he was willing to say whatever to get on her good side and convince her to come with him? Who knows. Either Will's being genuine, in which case it's creepy, or he's not, in which case he's being manipulative, and makes me think he's been hanging out with Hannibal too much. Of course, there are plenty of OTHER reasons why Will has been hanging out with Hannibal too much, but--you get the point.
(Screencap by me, since I couldn't find one online that I liked. You know how many times I had to watch Georgia getting gored while trying to get this pic?)