Thursday, October 31, 2019

102: Halloween (1978) & Halloween (2018) - He's Just THERE

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In this episode:

  • Halloween is one of those rare examples where the first real demonstrable example of a genre also codifies it.
  • Halloween and John Carpenter have the audacity to just have Michael Myers just standing there in the middle of the day.
  • The parallels this film draws between Laurie and Michael are really intriguing.
  • The new Halloween strikes an interesting balance, as one can’t just pretend that 40 years of movies don’t exist.
  • This is the Song Exploder episode that Ian is talking about.
  • We have a pretty lean season for horror this year.*
  • This flick has a lot of complicated, complex thoughts on the notion of legacy.
  • Halloween 2k18 strikes a nice balance in paying homage to the original without clinging to it too tightly.
  • The interplay and complexities of the generational relationships in this flick are pretty interesting to examine.
  • We have a brief discussion about what we’re hoping for out of these sequels.
  • The sense of normalcy and realism is key to what makes the Halloween films work.
  • Managed to get this one out on Halloween! Just in time for everyone to be out at Halloween parties and not have any time to listen to it, natch.
  • *Somehow The Lighthouse was not on either of our radars when we had this discussion.
  • Intro: "Full Moon Fever" - Ramshki Alley | STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES |
  • Outro: "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | Bandcamp |

Monday, September 30, 2019

101: IT & IT Chapter Two - MFW They Bring Up the Ritual of Chud: D:

SPOILERS for everything IT (book, miniseries, movies, etc.)


In this episode:
  • TW: A Lot of Suicide Talk (Comes up briefly at 54:30, then we tangent a bit and get back to it from 1:10:00 - 1:17:20)
  • Man we take a while to get back into a Matter of Taste.
    • Also FUCK this episode is 101, we couldn’t have scripted that absence.
    • Also FUCK our 100th episode was Fire Walk With Me? Hella.
  • Hey, only a couple minutes in we announce that our discussion will involve SPOILERS for a story released 33 years ago, then again then again like 29 years ago, then again like 2 years ago, and then again like early September.
  • Ian brings up how important the visual consistency and coherence is to selling the emotional resonance of the story
  • Oh boy, let’s talk about the Ritual of Chud
  • I talk a lot about the way that Pennywise’s existence has bled into the town of Derry, but I want to emphasize that I don’t think hatred, racism and homophobia are supernatural forces, I understand that the existence of Pennywise in this small-not-small, prosperous-not-prosperous small town is a metaphor
  • Let’s talk about Pennywise and IT and how the different interpretations reflect the priorities of the flicks versus the movies.
  • They’re apparently considering a prequel which is fuckin wild.
  • I have an idea for the best version of these movies, but I don’t know how you cut it together with all they’ve done with Native American stereotypes and throwing Mike under the bus
  • So the good news is that we’ve been out so long that there’s a ton to cover. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Intro: "Full Moon Fever" - Ramshki Alley | STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES |
  • Outro: "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | Bandcamp |

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

100: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) - Blank as a Fart

SPOILERS FOR TWIN PEAKS SEASONS 1 & 2 and TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992), including THE MISSING PIECES (deleted/extended scenes from the film).

In this episode:
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This episode was recorded BEFORE Twin Peaks: The Return began airing, so you won't hear us discussing anything from the new series (besides the casting news released a while ago)--for better or for worse.
  • We return to the world of Twin Peaks for our 100th episode! Listen as we discuss the 1992 prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and all the weirdness it has to offer.
  • The weirdness is pretty dense in Fire Walk With Me, giving you a much more concentrated dose of what you get throughout the series.
  • Ian gets a bit into the expanded content and additional material on the Blu-ray Entire Mystery box set.
  • We dance around a bit talking about the kind of ineffable, cosmic horror parts of Twin Peaks.
  • Twin Peaks is very likely a weirdness magnet in the same storied company as Derry, Maine and Gravity Falls, Oregon
  • The show/film is incredibly esoteric in the way in attempts to communicate meaning and does little to alleviate that.
  • Fire Walk With Me doesn’t quite function as a single unit, it needs to come after the series to stand on its own.
  • We don’t always understand where Lynch is going with things, but we trust him to do it well.
  • We talk a little bit about shades of interpretation and the how the number of people involved in a film production can change the reading of a character.
  • Ian wants it to be known that he’s not an expert in Zen Buddhism
  • Sheryl Lee and Ray Wise are amazing together.
  • Twin Peaks is effective because it’s so focused. We want to learn more but learning more about that world would dilute the focus.
  • Apologies for the lateness of this episode once again. I (Ian) just got a new job, so editing fell to the wayside for a bit.
  • I also have watched the first four episodes of the new series, and holy crap, is it David Lynch-y.
  • As we mentioned on the episode: THIS IS NOT THE END! We already have ideas for upcoming episodes. Keep an eye out for them!

Friday, March 31, 2017

099: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Eeeeethaaaann... ETHAN!


In this episode:
  • We're back this month to discuss Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Fio's a long-time RE fan, and Ian got to play both the demo and the game on PSVR, so there's quite some ground that gets covered.
  • It’s good having someone doing something in the style of P.T. since Konami has no interest in games anymore, apparently.
  • While there are definitely complaints to be made about some samey-ness in the monster design, the Baker villains were all very well crafted and they exude character in their appearances.
  • The setpieces in this game are really strong, especially the house. As mentioned the Bakers are also really strong/well-realized monsters and characters. The story, to be charitable, is not so much.
  • In the opening act of the game, uh, you get fucked up bad. You get fucked up real bad.
  • This game is just really well paced and plotted and all around a solid outing, which is definitely refreshing after the mess that was Resi 6.
  • We talk briefly about competing philosophies in terms of how developed your main characters should be in games.
  • Ian found a cool couple of Behind the Scenes featurettes on YouTube (SPOILERS):

Thursday, February 9, 2017

098: Adam Wingard Movies - Blair Witches & Blue Eyes



In this episode:
  • WE'RE ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! And back to discuss three movies from director Adam Wingard: You're Next (2011), The Guest (2014), and Blair Witch (2016).
  • You're Next (2011)
    • The home invasion genre and the ways it clashes with the usual American horror flick philosophy
    • We discuss the relative groundedness of You’re Next. It’s probably up to your own threshold of groundedness interpretation.
    • I (Fio) start off talking about Home Invasion flicks having a kinship with Japanese horror and then take for-goddamn-ever to get back around to what I mean.
    • Man, how good was 10 Cloverfield Lane, though?
  • The Guest (2014)
    • Thanks to podcast listener Kate for recommending this movie to us in the first place!
    • We start tackling The Guest and the Politics of Handsomeness.
    • Also, Ian desperately hopes this was a werewolf film.
    • Again, we get into a discussion of the relative groundedness of the film and how many steps we are away from our own universe in this film.
  • Blair Witch (2016)
    • Everyone in the Blair Witch movies is in film school. Just make peace with this from the get-go.
    • We compare the slow-burn, unscripted nature of the original Blair Witch to the slicker, more “hollywood” Blair Witch 3.
    • We get our Doug Jones jokes out, but rest assured they come from a place of love.
  • Ian talks about Resident Evil 7 for a few minutes while Fio desperately tries not to die.
  • Also: listen to the end of the podcast for "Trespasser," a song from Ian's recently released solo album, Stepping Stones!
  • Apologies for the long, unannounced hiatus. We plan on being back on a monthly basis for the foreseeable future.
  • We're approaching our 100th episode! Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see us do for it.
  • From Fio:
    • My sneezing and sniffling is goddamn disgusting. Our hideous meat bodies are truly a blight on this planet.
    • Nothing to do with the podcast, but sniffling while I’m listening to myself sniffle on the recording and having them line up is a really bizarre experience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

097: Stranger Things Season 1 - Coffee & Contemplation


In this episode:
  • We discuss the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things, including the casting, the writing, the influences, and holy crap this show is so much fun to talk about.
  • We open with our first impressions of Stranger Things and overall thoughts on the series.
  • We spend a good bit talking about and speculating about Season 2 just in time for io9 to publish an article telling people to stop talking about Season 2 lest they ruin it, so that’s killer timing.
  • We start talking about DnD, which could have really dominated the podcast but thankfully we winged away from it really quick.
  • Another aside about Haven, but only to illustrate how well Stranger Things handles the characters’ handles on its various supernatural elements.
  • We talk about the different stories being told in Stranger Things and the successes and pitfalls of that particular approach.
  • The show never loses sight of its humanity, which is definitely one of its strengths.
  • Next month: WITCHES, including (finally) our thoughts on The Witch (2016).
  • From Fio: I misspoke when I said that the party in The Mummy is composed of a Ranger, Wizard, Paladin, and Bard, it’s clearly a Ranger, Wizard, Fighter, and Bard, Brendan Frasier doesn’t multiclass until the sequel.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

096: Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - Hey, Let's $%!# With These Normies: The Film


In this episode:
  • At long last, our discussion of the 1975 cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, including Tim Curry, the stellar soundtrack, the obtuse plot, and its place as a cultural phenomenon.
  • This is take two of this episode, so much like with our Sweeney episode, we try to hit on points we did the first time we recorded while keeping the conversation alive and organic. To...mixed results.
  • Seriously, though, the soundtrack kicks ass, even if Ian's a little perplexed at how all of these songs came together.
  • We talk about how we first saw Rocky Horror. Ian watched it with his Dad, which probably wasn’t weird at all, and then ended up seeing a shadowcast performance at college. Fio’s girlfriend made him go see it in high school.
  • The production values, sets, casting, etc. of this film are pretty great, but watching it on its own, you don’t really get the full experience.
  • We talk about other horror musicals we haven’t discussed during this series, putting the spotlight on The Devil’s Carnival and Jasper in Deadland.
  • Again, apologies for the lateness of the episode and a potentially less-than-comprehensive discussion, due to this being a re-record. Technology was working against us for this one.
  • From Fio: My bad, Superman doesn’t reprogram the population of Transilvane by playing westerns, he specifically does it by playing them Oklahoma! So this fits into our musical theme!
  • Here's a link to the Decemberists/Silent Hill song parody Ian wrote (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SILENT HILL 2): "James Hymn"
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp |
  • "Time Warp" - The Rocky Horror Picture Show | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "Science Fiction / Double Feature" -  The Rocky Horror Picture Show | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "Planet Schmanet Janet" - The Rocky Horror Picture Show | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me" - The Rocky Horror Picture Show | YouTube | Amazon |