Wednesday, June 26, 2013

009: Hannibal 1x13 "Savoureux" - Like a Powder Charge into an Old-Timey Musket



In this episode:
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x13 "Savoureux," and the many things that went down in the season 1 finale
  • This is a long episode, so here's a breakdown of some of the major conversations we had amidst the episode recap:
    • Thematic similarities between Abigail & Miriam (14:28), with some Mischa and Clarice comparisons
    • How responsible does Hannibal actually feel for Abigail's death? (31:13)
    • Will's time loss interpreted as disassociation vs. memory loss (47:50)
    • The Cryptic Conversations of Dr. Du Maurier and Dr. Lecter, or: How much does Bedelia really know? (1:14:39)
    • Looking forward to season 2 (1:24:00)
    • Plans for the podcast over the summer, this fall, and BEYOND (okay, maybe just for the summer and the fall) (1:35:45)
  • Caroline Dhavernas (Alana) is awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • Let's just get all of our Crawford frustration out: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Better?
  • I make lots of weird noises, especially when watching Hannibal.
  • This show: dramatic irony at its finest.
  • Also, no one's going to admit to murder in this show, but they're definitely going to make damn sure they imply it.
  • No one should want to be Hannibal's friend. Seriously.
  • Last day to submit to the contest! We'll stop accepting submissions at midnight EST on Thursday. If you're working on something but you're not sure if you'll have it finished by then, email us about it, and we'll see if we can work something out.
  • Also, we'll be updating once every two weeks this summer. The next episode will be released July 11, and it'll be a discussion of the movie Manhunter, the first cinematic interpretation of one of the Hannibal books.
  • The Georgia Madchen episode Fio is talking about in reference to Will's disassociation/memory loss is "Buffet Froid," not "Rôti." Our mistake.
  • I've never played a Fatal Frame game, but unless I'm much mistaken, the titular "Fatal Frame" refers to the moment of death, rather than the lifeless body afterward, which makes it not quite as apt a comparison to the bodies presented in Hannibal's office as they go through each of the Copycat Killer's murders. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  • We mentioned that my "Will hallucinated his kiss with Alana" theory was shot down, but didn't exactly say why: Will makes reference to how he's surprised Crawford let her in to see him in the interrogation room, given his "romantic overtures," to which Alana responds, "Jack doesn't know," then glances at the one-way glass in the room, and follows up with, "Didn't know."
  • At some point I say something about Will being in jail, when of course I mean the mental institution. Hey, I wasn't the only one who made the mistake.
  • RE: Reviewing Walking Dead in the fall: If we do decide to discuss The Walking Dead this fall, which is looking more and more likely, we'll have at least one episode recapping the first three seasons to bring everyone up to speed. We won't leave you hanging.
Thanks again to everyone who's been listening! We hope you've enjoyed our discussions about season 1 of NBC's Hannibal--keep listening over the summer as we look back at the movie series!

  • Intro quote: Bill Murray, The Royal Tennenbaums
  • Intro/outro song:  "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - My Chemical Romance | YouTube | iTunes |
(Image copied from this post on the NBC Hannibal Tumblr)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

008: Hannibal 1x12 "Relevés" - Flamey Staggy Glory

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 1x12 

In this episode:
  • We have an official contest post! Check out the prize! Deadline is June 27th, so get on it!
  • Interview with Bryan Fuller 
  • We go into a little bit of detail on our plans over the summer. In short: moving to a bi-weekly format, we'll try and get some guests on, discuss horror-themed stuff, etc.
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x12 "Relevés," Georgia's fate, Will figuring out stuff but not quite cracking it, Jack Crawford getting some stuff right and other stuff horribly wrong, and once again, Hannibal proving that he's the Devil incarnate
  • There is a whole lotta episode here, so we jump around quite a bit.
  • Our text conversation during the episode. This show is very stressful.
  • Silkie chicken
  • Stop-motion live action = “Goosestepping.” It’s a thing. For me, at least. Actually, looking back at that clip, it's not quite as pronounced as I remember, but you get the idea.
  • How does Hannibal do horror better than most modern horror movies? Let me count the ways.
  • Dead theory: it's what's on the menu.
  • A session of Wild Mass Guessing, for kicks, since we're approaching the season finale
  • The NBC Hannibal Tumblr, in all its glory
  • The post I quote from at the end--I screwed up the friggin' joke. The line is, "And in that moment, I SWEAR we were all that blanket."
  • I started thinking about it today--perhaps part of the reason Will is just sort of all, "Yeah, killing your dad felt good" in that scene at the psychiatric hospital with Abigail might've been because he was willing to say whatever to get on her good side and convince her to come with him? Who knows. Either Will's being genuine, in which case it's creepy, or he's not, in which case he's being manipulative, and makes me think he's been hanging out with Hannibal too much. Of course, there are plenty of OTHER reasons why Will has been hanging out with Hannibal too much, but--you get the point.
(Screencap by me, since I couldn't find one online that I liked. You know how many times I had to watch Georgia getting gored while trying to get this pic?)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

007: Hannibal 1x11 "Rôti" - Plot Holes Don't Happen in Murder Operas

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 1x11 (as well as mild spoilers for Red Dragon/Hannibal)

In this episode:
  • Again: if you haven't already, check out The Ravenstag, by Tumblr user haliameguid 
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x11 "Rôti," Will's brain popping, Hannibal being Satan, Eddie Izzard (Dr. Gideon) being awesome, Lara Jean Chorostecki (Freddie Lounds) being awesome, and YAY WILL'S IN A HOSPITAL [/things I never expected to say]
  • Guillermo Navarro is incredibly artful in his cinematography.
  • Wriggling tongues = our NOPE wells have run dry
  • I believe this is the Gustav Doré woodcut Fio was talking about.
  • We discuss Hannibal sympathizers/Hannigram shipping in the context of what Hannibal has done the past few episodes.
  • Jack Crawford: King of Not Helping? (After Hannibal, of course.)
  • Ian drops the f-bomb a lot. Like, a lot.
  • We try to figure out once again what Hannibal's game is.
  • Contest prize announced! A pair of antler-themed wine glasses and a copy of Red Dragon, the original novel by Thomas Harris (pictures and an official contest post coming soon). New deadline is June 27--one week after the season finale.
  • One big one: We completely skipped the scene with Bedelia DuMaurier at the end of this episode. That is an egregious error on our part, and we apologize.
(Screencap from, caption is based on content from this podcast episode, image made using

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

006: Hannibal 1x10 "Buffet Froid" - Murderfacing Dr. Sutcliffe

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 1x10 (as well as Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal)

In this episode:
  • Hannibal has been renewed! W00T!
  • Our friend Ren (emersonism on Tumblr) gave us a handy-dandy quick guide on how to pronounce the French titles.
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x10 "Buffet Froid," Georgia and Cotard's Syndrome, Will's continually worsening psychological state (and his encephalitis), Hannibal being the WORST DOUCHEBAG EVER, and Crawford being...less of a dick? Kind of?
  • Theories as to why Hannibal is being the WORST DOUCHEBAG EVER (to Will, at least)
  • Seriously, he's so evil.
  • Masks, and the people who wear them.
  • Extended metaphors aren't bad. They just use them a LOT in this show.
  • We do enjoy our cannibalism puns.
  • Who (of the main characters) is gonna kick it?
  • Other possible episode titles: Magic Crimescene Pendulum Reliving; A Matter of Reputation Preceding Product
  • FURTHER CONTEST DETAILS: 2000 word limit on story submissions; tentative deadline is the end of the season. Email your submissions to amatteroftastepodcast at or post it on Tumblr with the tag #insane hannibal crackfic crossover. Prize info coming soon.
  • The first time I mention Beverly, I call her Barbara. I'M SORRY. I do correct myself later.
  • I gave the wrong hashtag for the contest. The correct one is above.
  • Things we forgot to mention #1: Berlin Confidential posted about us on their Tumblr. Thanks!
  • Things we forgot to mention #2: The Ravenstag - This is a song inspired by Hannibal, written by a fan of the series, haliameguid on Tumblr. It's FUCKING AWESOME. So awesome that the NBC Hannibal Tumblr reblogged it.
  • Something Fio forgot to mention that he wanted to touch on: Female killers in fiction typically seem to be sympathetic or tragic; it's rare that we have one who's really irredeemable. More on this in a future podcast.
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