Wednesday, October 9, 2013

017: The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 - The Neverending Zombie Movie
SPOILERS FOR AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD SEASONS 1 - 3, LOST SEASONS 2 & 3, DOCTOR WHO #199 "THE NEXT DOCTOR," and mild spoilers for Dracula by Bram Stoker and the cast of The Walking Dead Season 4

In this episode:
  • My...triumphant?...return? I dunno. I talk a lot this episode. Hopefully I don't bore everyone.
  • Discussion of the first three seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead, including major themes and plot points, character arcs, and audience reaction. We keep it fairly linear, but we do jump around a bit.
  • The first 20 minutes of this episode are actually not very spoilery, aside from a major spoiler from the first episode. If you're looking for reasons to start watching, though, that may be a good place to start.
  • More on the TV show vs. the graphic novel, including the advantages of a televised format
  • Season 1: The Southern Gothic tradition, Morgan and the first episode, the "zombie movie"
  • Season 2: Pacing, tackling tough issues, exploring the zombie apocalypse from multiple angles, Daryl
  • Season 3: David Morissey as the Governor, Rick's mental issues, Andrea's character arc
  • How would Hannibal fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Links:
  • I apologize if the volume levels are iffy this episode; I kind of glossed over that by accident this time around.
  • I didn't take the time to splice in music from The Omen when I talk about Damien the cat. Sorry, Fio.
  • It's been a while since I watched a lot of these episodes, so forgive me for my incorrect details.
  • I forgot to mention Daryl and T-Dog in the list of characters from the first season.
  • When I started talking about the way that the show presents issues, I thought of another thing I like about the way they write: Because they aren't so preachy about issues, they let the audience come to their own decisions and develop their own opinions about the situation.
  • I mentioned Andrea having a wrench in the season 3 finale. It was pliers.
  • Caesar is probably better known by his last name, Martinez.
  • Intro/Outro: "Walking Dead" - Z-Trip feat. Chester Bennington | YouTube | iTunes |

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