Thursday, October 31, 2019

102: Halloween (1978) & Halloween (2018) - He's Just THERE

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In this episode:

  • Halloween is one of those rare examples where the first real demonstrable example of a genre also codifies it.
  • Halloween and John Carpenter have the audacity to just have Michael Myers just standing there in the middle of the day.
  • The parallels this film draws between Laurie and Michael are really intriguing.
  • The new Halloween strikes an interesting balance, as one can’t just pretend that 40 years of movies don’t exist.
  • This is the Song Exploder episode that Ian is talking about.
  • We have a pretty lean season for horror this year.*
  • This flick has a lot of complicated, complex thoughts on the notion of legacy.
  • Halloween 2k18 strikes a nice balance in paying homage to the original without clinging to it too tightly.
  • The interplay and complexities of the generational relationships in this flick are pretty interesting to examine.
  • We have a brief discussion about what we’re hoping for out of these sequels.
  • The sense of normalcy and realism is key to what makes the Halloween films work.
  • Managed to get this one out on Halloween! Just in time for everyone to be out at Halloween parties and not have any time to listen to it, natch.
  • *Somehow The Lighthouse was not on either of our radars when we had this discussion.
  • Intro: "Full Moon Fever" - Ramshki Alley | STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES |
  • Outro: "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | Bandcamp |

Monday, September 30, 2019

101: IT & IT Chapter Two - MFW They Bring Up the Ritual of Chud: D:

SPOILERS for everything IT (book, miniseries, movies, etc.)


In this episode:
  • TW: A Lot of Suicide Talk (Comes up briefly at 54:30, then we tangent a bit and get back to it from 1:10:00 - 1:17:20)
  • Man we take a while to get back into a Matter of Taste.
    • Also FUCK this episode is 101, we couldn’t have scripted that absence.
    • Also FUCK our 100th episode was Fire Walk With Me? Hella.
  • Hey, only a couple minutes in we announce that our discussion will involve SPOILERS for a story released 33 years ago, then again then again like 29 years ago, then again like 2 years ago, and then again like early September.
  • Ian brings up how important the visual consistency and coherence is to selling the emotional resonance of the story
  • Oh boy, let’s talk about the Ritual of Chud
  • I talk a lot about the way that Pennywise’s existence has bled into the town of Derry, but I want to emphasize that I don’t think hatred, racism and homophobia are supernatural forces, I understand that the existence of Pennywise in this small-not-small, prosperous-not-prosperous small town is a metaphor
  • Let’s talk about Pennywise and IT and how the different interpretations reflect the priorities of the flicks versus the movies.
  • They’re apparently considering a prequel which is fuckin wild.
  • I have an idea for the best version of these movies, but I don’t know how you cut it together with all they’ve done with Native American stereotypes and throwing Mike under the bus
  • So the good news is that we’ve been out so long that there’s a ton to cover. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Intro: "Full Moon Fever" - Ramshki Alley | STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES |
  • Outro: "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | Bandcamp |