aka Why Are You Doing This Again?

You mean besides our own selfish entertainment? You mean besides the fact that, to be perfectly frank, we'd be doing it anyway even if we weren't recording ourselves?

It's mostly because Hannibal's premiere and the episodes that have followed have exceeded our expectations to the extent that we're comfortable making the assertion that it's one of the best written shows currently on the air. Well written shows are nice, as writers they make us feel warm and fuzzy on our insides.

Also, the show doesn't seem to be getting as much attention as it should. The best way to remedy that? Talk about it, get the word out, generate a little more discussion. We're going to attempt to generate some kind of nightmarish discussion jackhammer. I may or may not be trying to build a discussion jackhammer, will not confirm or deny. Keep you posted on how it goes.


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