Wednesday, October 2, 2013

016: A Spine-chilling Anthology of Scintillating Tales OR How to Get Weird and Die Trying

SPOILERS FOR Batwoman, The Sandman, Avengers Academy, Avengers Arena, Fringe, Hawkeye, The Wake, Lost? Maybe? Can you spoil Lost? I still don't know what's happening, Metaphors about Lost we definitely spoil those, The Spectre, Jack Kirby Characters in General, The Black Racer in Specific, The Flash, Swamp Thing, Mike Carey's Lucifer a little?, The Sandman Again, The Dark Half, The Walking Dead Kinda (jumped the gun. Whoops, sorry)

In this episode:
  • Horror Comics are on the docket.
    • As per usual, though, our discussion goes all over the place.
  • We talk mostly about the Big Two when it comes to how horror comics have affected us. We do jump out a little bit, but our discussions pretty much circle around characters that you're probably aware of, none of us are trying to be huge comic hipsters and reference comics that some dude printed in a local zine in Chicago upon which I did not at all spend an inordinate amount of money for really crappy comics that I'll never get to talk to anyone about because they were so bad shut up.
  • We complain a bit about the monochrome marketing strategy DC's employing.
  • Marvel comes out of the discussion a little better but you guys aren't off the hook either. Both of you could be doing better.
  • Per Christina: "Swamp Thing is about a guy who used to be a guy who it turns out wasn't a guy at all ever and just some fuckin' Swamp Thing"
    • Oh yeah, it's also pretty explicit. Pretend I said that up there.
  • This is a "little nubbins of a plant thing."
  • Dylan says "the 'comic audience' is a myth that publishers are clinging to [that doesn't really exist]." Nothing else to say, I just wanted to reiterate that.
  • This episode was originally supposed to be about women in horror comics. That didn't exactly happen. We ocassionally talk about women who are in horror comics, but that just gives me an excuse to do another comics episode.
  • We talk a lot about Constantine. That has its own show in development. If it gets picked up I will fight Ian to the death over our right to recap it. Hopefully it'll have nothing to do with the movie.
  • Opening quote and a few other citations are from "The Ten-Cent Plague" by David Hajdu
  • This is the ComicsAlliance article I refer to during the episode.
  • You can find our recommendations for comics here, here, and here.
  • Someone shared this link to an indie horror film they were working on and we've been remiss in sharing it back with you all. Check it out and donate if'n you can.
  • Intro: "Dig Up Her Bones" - The Misfits | YouTubeiTunes |
  • Outro: "Mr. Sandman" -  written by Pat Ballard and originally performed by the Chordettes, covered by Blind Guardian | YouTube |
(Cover image is Chamber of Chills #23 published by Harvey Comics. Screencap from

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