Wednesday, August 21, 2013

013: Red Dragon (2002) - RIDE With Me!

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In this episode:
  • Cleolinda joins us once again for the final Anthony Hopkins Hannibal movie! (See, we can be completionist, too :P )
  • RIDE with us as we discuss the 2002 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon, including Brett Ratner's directing decisions, Danny Elfman's score, Ralph Fiennes performance as Francis Dolarhyde, and Anthony Hopkins' performance as Hannibal.
  • Listen to our FANTASTIC renditions of Danny Elfman's score.
  • If you ever want to hear Cleo talk in a pirate voice, now's your chance. Also, a fanfic is born.
  • I stumbled upon the alternate ending of "Manhunter" the other day, and it's got quite a different spin on it than the ending they used.
  • Life Advice from Cleolinda Jones
  • Cleo reads from the last page of Red Dragon.
  • I make the WORST pun in the history of the podcast.
  • Michael Bay's "Red Dragon": What Could Have Been
  • OUTTAKES: Highlights from our first attempt at recording this episode. And by "highlights," I mean, "Mostly just listen to Cleo's audio degrade and create comedy gold as it struggles to fight a thunderstorm."
  • I say on the podcast that this is the 2004 adaptation of Red Dragon. It was 2002. My apologies.
  • Trepidatious IS a word! I should have more confidence in my abilities to word. 
  • UPDATE: Cleo made a post about her episodes of the podcast, linking to some of the follow-up questions she answered on Tumblr, including her ideal book/movie Hannibal ending and what order people should watch the movies in.
  • Intro quote: South Park, Season 8, Ep. 13, "Cartman's Incredible Gift" - DO YOU SEE!
  • Intro song: "Main Titles" - Danny Elfman, Red Dragon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) | iTunes |
  • Outro song: "He's Back!" - Danny Elfman, Red Dragon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)  | iTunes |
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  1. Okay, so, the Tooth Fairy thing:

    Francis Dolarhyde was a bitey fuck. That's why he was nicknamed the Tooth Fairy. Like, he bit the *fuck* out of his victims. But they never could get a really good cast of his teeth, which is why him eating the cheese was such a big deal, as I recall.

    The reason he was so casual about the cheese (I interpret it as him leaving a clear impression on purpose, to troll the authorities) is because Dolarhyde wears dentures, and he has two sets.

    He has a set he wears during his normal life, and he has a set specially made that are identical to his grandmother's dentures which are apparently identical to her actual teeth. (Like: she went to a specialist to make sure that her dentures were exactly like her teeth, it was super important to her, which is probably why it was a Thing.) Those are the teeth he wears when he's doing the murderin'.

    He tried wearing hers but couldn't, either because of what is wrong with his mouth or because her mouth was smaller than his and they just wouldn't even fit, I don't remember. So he took her dentures to a specialist and had a set made in her image.

    (The most recent time I had re-read the Red Dragon novel, I had literally just gotten dentures, so that sort of thing completely had my attention. I also watched Skyfall around the same time, come to think. Why's it always gotta be the bad guy who's got fake teeth? That's what I wanna know.)

    Anyway, now you know.

    *cape swoosh*

  2. I'm fine with being unmerciful and offing characters, but we can make a specific argument against that in the case of Abigail.

    Canonically, in the book, she is only mentioned briefly as being attacked by her father, surviving, and later visiting Will in the institution. It's implied that had something to do with him getting over his depression after killing Hobbs. If she dies anyway, what did he accomplish by going down that road starting with Garett Jacob Hobbs? Will is already in a really dark place on the show. Why would he want to have anything to do with the FBI after Lecter is caught? If he actually accomplished something by saving Abigail, it's more credible for him to come out of retirement in "Red Dragon".