Wednesday, September 28, 2016

097: Stranger Things Season 1 - Coffee & Contemplation


In this episode:
  • We discuss the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things, including the casting, the writing, the influences, and holy crap this show is so much fun to talk about.
  • We open with our first impressions of Stranger Things and overall thoughts on the series.
  • We spend a good bit talking about and speculating about Season 2 just in time for io9 to publish an article telling people to stop talking about Season 2 lest they ruin it, so that’s killer timing.
  • We start talking about DnD, which could have really dominated the podcast but thankfully we winged away from it really quick.
  • Another aside about Haven, but only to illustrate how well Stranger Things handles the characters’ handles on its various supernatural elements.
  • We talk about the different stories being told in Stranger Things and the successes and pitfalls of that particular approach.
  • The show never loses sight of its humanity, which is definitely one of its strengths.
  • Next month: WITCHES, including (finally) our thoughts on The Witch (2016).
  • From Fio: I misspoke when I said that the party in The Mummy is composed of a Ranger, Wizard, Paladin, and Bard, it’s clearly a Ranger, Wizard, Fighter, and Bard, Brendan Frasier doesn’t multiclass until the sequel.