Wednesday, August 7, 2013

012: Hannibal (2001) - Child Martini Tears


In this episode:
  • Cleolinda joins us again!
  • Listen as we oscillate back and forth between amusement and utter horror. Get a drink; this one's a doozy.
  • Discussion of the 2001 adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel Hannibal, including Jesus, Take the Wheel, This Fucking Movie
  • This episode is somewhat long and meandering, so in addition to giving you time marks here, there are a few musical breaks in the episode:
    • Anthony Hopkins performance (29:38), which we continue to discuss throughout
    • The birth of Hannibal's memory palace (42:53), and the implications it has on the NBC series
    • Musical Break (48:15)
    • Opinions on Mason Verger (49:12). Short version: he's a horrible person.
    • The ending of the book, the original script, and the filmed ending, starting with a discussion of Krendler (Ray Liotta) (54:34)
    • I go off on a tangent comparing this to Phantom: Love Never Dies (1:17:37).
    • Musical Break (1:25:52)
    • Hannibal's literary family, and the effect the audience has on the creator (1:26:48)
    • "Clarice" Easter Egg on the Hannibal DVD (1:41:01)
    • Musical Break (1:43:26)
    • I start paging through my notes for stuff to talk about, and we jump around to a lot of different topics (1:44:38)
    • My list of CAPS LOCK comments to round off the discussion (1:58:47), including more Krendler rage and discussion of the final scene
    • Musical Break (2:12:27)
    • A short discussion of the Comic-Con panel and the other pannibal (2:13:00)
  • Florence is gorgeous. 'Nuff said.
  • Hannibal is insane. No, really.
  • "I'm Ridley Scott, and I DO WHAT I WANT."
  • Seriously--Julianne Moore does a good job!
  • Fuckin' Nazis, man.
  • Horror: It's not about the viscera.
  • Mason Verger is a horrible person.
  • Krendler is a dickwheel.
  • God bless everybody.
  • Links:
    • Cleo's posts on the Comic-Con panel and the other pannibal
    • If anyone knows who the Tumblr user doing the specialized flower crowns is, can you send us a link, either by email or comment or Tumblr ask? I tried Googling it and had trouble finding it. Thanks!
  • Once again, we had a few issues with Cleo's audio, but I did my best to edit around it.
  • We didn't really answer Cleo's question about how we interpreted Clarice's tear at the end of the movie. I guess for me I'd go with "anguish"--like, "How did it come to this?"
  • In listening to "Beneath a Moonless Sky" (aka "The Fucking Song"), I discovered I was wrong about when the Phantom and Christine, ah, did the deed. It wasn't during that night from the first musical. It was ON THE EVE OF CHRISTINE AND RAOUL'S WEDDING. O_O Why do these sorts of things just continue to get more fucked up?
  • Also, for the record: I actually really like a lot of the music in Love Never Dies, including "Beneath a Moonless Sky." It's just the lyrics and story that get me. I mean, the way I look at BaMS is that it's trying to be "The Point of No Return," except a LOT more literal with all of the sexual innuendo, to the point where it's not even innuendo anymore.
  • We didn't exactly get into the more objectionable stuff in the book beyond Fio's quick reference to it early on, but if you're curious, there is the Wikipedia page. Consider yourself warned, though.
  • Pretty sure I pronounced Mason Verger's last name two different ways this episode. I apologize.
  • Also, I start talking about the "naked" drawings close to the end of our movie discussion, and listening back to it, I probably should've use the word "nude." "Naked" just sounds awkward to me. I don't know. Again, apologies.
  • While writing up this post and searching for the YouTube links for the music, I got wrapped up in a couple of clips from Silence of the Lambs, so forgive me if this went up later than expected. You understand. 
  • I seriously never used to curse this much, let alone drop the f-bomb left and right. What happened? #hannibalhappened #duh
  • "Vide Cor Meum" - Patrick Cassidy and Hans Zimmer | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "Beneath a Moonless Sky" - Andrew Lloyd Webber | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "Clarice" - Marc Streitenfeld | YouTube |
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    Also, what would you serve with your institution? Grilled asparagus, maybe? But you'd need a starch too, if it's a main course. Fondant garlic potatoes? A sauce would be a must, of course. Red wine based, or white? What about a cheese?

    And I got a little carried away with that, didn't I? :D

    1. I think a nice cajun spice and brown sugar rub set under a healthy broil would be ideal. Maybe pair it with some home fry cut fried parsnips and some slow baked fresh green beans sprinkled with a mix of oil and breading. Pair them with a pint of something light, along the lines of Allagash White. That'd be my ideal preparation of the current institution I'm laboring beneath, at the least.

    2. Unfortunately, my institution is too tough for that. I'd have to use 'low and slow' methods, otherwise I'd end up with spicy leather. Smoking, maybe. Or a pressure cooker with a nice beef stock.

      And now I'm hungry, dang it.

    3. Try soaking your institution in milk overnight, the lactate dissolves the connective tissue and makes no real affront on the flavor of the overall dish. It's the same thing I do when I grill lemon pepper calamari steaks.