Friday, October 30, 2015

086: Crimson Peak (2015) - None More Gothic
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SPOILERS FOR CRIMSON PEAK (2015). Also spoilers for The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (YEAH IAN BRINGING IN THE OBSCURE REFERENCES) and Dark Floors (2008).

In this episode:
  • We give our thoughts on Guillermo del Toro's Gothic masterpiece, Crimson Peak!
  • ...after everyone else has already done so.
  • Charming Tom Hiddleston is all charming
  • The structure of the reveals is done quite well and the pacing of the reveals is effective
    • The opening section of the film is mad clunky, though and the ghost thing is heavy handed
  • The most Gothic mansion in Gothic fiction history
  • The pairing of Lucille vs Edith and the way that’s seeded throughout the early film
  • The confusion over various misdirects in the film re: whether the Sharpes were supernatural beings or not
  • How many Guillermo del Toro mainstays can we spot?
  • Poor adaptations and their difficulty making the boring milquetoast male lead interesting
  • The ridiculous amount of money spent on production design in this film
  • Links:
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Is it still necessary to capitalize the word "Gothic"? I'm getting red underlines when I don't capitalize it.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • 24:08 - “Like it seems like” real fuckin eloquent, Fio
    • 29:36 - My “hrrrII hab no idea” is bullseye Hiddleston. Just sayin
    • 34:06 - “I can’t remember the name of the movie…” Groundhog Day? Ian from the future: Figured it out. It was Dark Floors. Hit a lot of points for me aesthetically, but didn't quite bring it together in a satisfying way.
    • 50:46 - I meant to say red blazer here, not red sportscoat, but whatevs. Also, I know Harker’s job involved real estate in some way, and he was helping arrange Dracula’s purchase of some land in London and stuff, but I don’t remember what his exact function in the process was.
    • I dunno, by the time I got to that Chastain line with “I’m not going to stop until I kill you or you kill me” I was firmly in the camp that there’s nothing supernatural about the Sharpes