Wednesday, October 30, 2013

020: The Walking Dead 4x03 "Isolation" - Rick Grimes, Zombie P.I.

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x03

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x03 "Isolation," including the spread of the sickness to everyone we love and hold dear, Rick's investigation of the deaths of Karen and David, Hershel being everyone's hero, and EVERTHING IS BAD AND NOTHING IS OKAY.
  • ...except for the fact that TEAM BADASS is back! And they've got at least one new addition! (I'm not quite sure if I count Bob Stookey as part of Team Badass yet. We shall see.)
  • Beth and Maggie talking to each other through a door is NOT OKAY.
  • Ian comes to a very twisted conclusion about the culprit(s?) behind Karen and David's deaths.
  • Speculation from the fandom
  • Marilyn Manson on Talking Dead. Hoo boy. 
  • In the spirit of the season, we give our horror movie recommendations.
  • I forgot to mention my spontaneous livetweeting of the new Asylum movie on Syfy, Zombie Night. It's so much easier to livetweet when each new plot point just throws another wave of WTF at you rather than sending you into a spiral of despair.
  • DRACULA FANS: Cleo has posted her recap of the first episode of NBC's Dracula! Much hilarity ensues.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

019: The Walking Dead 4x02 "Infected" - Sticky Little Brood Monsters

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x02

In this episode:
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x02 "Infected," including the sickness spreading in the prison, Carol and her new charges Lizzie and Mika, Beth and Michonne's character dynamics, Rick and Carl trying to make their relationship work, and Kareeeeeeeeen.
  • The difficulties of livetweeting a show that has minimal levity.
  • Okay, so whoever's on watch--they have to see someone feeding the zombies, right? ...Right?
  • People are dropping like flies, but what everyone's really broken up about is the pigs.
  • Is Carol being too hard, or is this appropriate zombie apocalypse behavior?
  • Looks like we may discover some interesting bits of Michonne's backstory this season! Hopefully they don't kill her off before we get to find out what it is.
  • Take the lighter moments while you still can, 'cause it's all downhill from here. For example, the adorableness that is Judith Grimes.
  • Humor and horror: two sides of the same coin?
  • This episode meanders a bit. I'm wondering if it's because we only have two days to process each episode before we discuss, whereas with Hannibal, we had almost a week to come up with things to talk about.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps for editing this episode:
    • ~29:30 - You mention "A History of Violence" and trail off. This is because I was struck with a brief but vivid fantasy of traversing a zombie apocalypse with Viggo Mortensen that totally derailed every other thought in my head.
    • 42:45 – Pause, also, how did you come up with “not consumption but burnination” and totally miss the opportunity for “not consumption but combustion”
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

018: The Walking Dead 4x01 "30 Days Without an Accident" - Power Dynamic Apple Cart

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SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE WALKING DEAD 4x01

In this episode:
  • New opening theme! Let us know what you think.
  • A couple of Hannibal updates: 
  • Discussion of The Walking Dead 4x01 "30 Days Without an Accident," including the community that's been established at the prison, Rick's new groove, new character dynamics, Creepy Clara, and what Patrick's untimely fate means for the community.
  • Beth and the kids: Are these appropriate reactions to the zombie apocalypse?
  • Michonne still has a personality! Yay!
  • Ian is afraid EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE. (Specifically, people who have been there since season 1.)
  • A few theories about the Governor's whereabouts.
  • How long will these zombies last?
  • I haven't had a chance to re-listen to the whole episode yet, so I'm not sure if there's anything that needs to go here. I'll probably end up editing this once I do.
  • Okay, here's something: There is a really strange noise at 32:08, and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe it's just my copy of the file. Who knows. I think it might be a sound from Skype or something.
  • Intro: "A Song for the Dead" - Queens of the Stone Age | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro: "33" - Coheed and Cambria  | YouTube | iTunes |
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

017: The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 - The Neverending Zombie Movie
SPOILERS FOR AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD SEASONS 1 - 3, LOST SEASONS 2 & 3, DOCTOR WHO #199 "THE NEXT DOCTOR," and mild spoilers for Dracula by Bram Stoker and the cast of The Walking Dead Season 4

In this episode:
  • My...triumphant?...return? I dunno. I talk a lot this episode. Hopefully I don't bore everyone.
  • Discussion of the first three seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead, including major themes and plot points, character arcs, and audience reaction. We keep it fairly linear, but we do jump around a bit.
  • The first 20 minutes of this episode are actually not very spoilery, aside from a major spoiler from the first episode. If you're looking for reasons to start watching, though, that may be a good place to start.
  • More on the TV show vs. the graphic novel, including the advantages of a televised format
  • Season 1: The Southern Gothic tradition, Morgan and the first episode, the "zombie movie"
  • Season 2: Pacing, tackling tough issues, exploring the zombie apocalypse from multiple angles, Daryl
  • Season 3: David Morissey as the Governor, Rick's mental issues, Andrea's character arc
  • How would Hannibal fare in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Links:
  • I apologize if the volume levels are iffy this episode; I kind of glossed over that by accident this time around.
  • I didn't take the time to splice in music from The Omen when I talk about Damien the cat. Sorry, Fio.
  • It's been a while since I watched a lot of these episodes, so forgive me for my incorrect details.
  • I forgot to mention Daryl and T-Dog in the list of characters from the first season.
  • When I started talking about the way that the show presents issues, I thought of another thing I like about the way they write: Because they aren't so preachy about issues, they let the audience come to their own decisions and develop their own opinions about the situation.
  • I mentioned Andrea having a wrench in the season 3 finale. It was pliers.
  • Caesar is probably better known by his last name, Martinez.
  • Intro/Outro: "Walking Dead" - Z-Trip feat. Chester Bennington | YouTube | iTunes |

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

016: A Spine-chilling Anthology of Scintillating Tales OR How to Get Weird and Die Trying

SPOILERS FOR Batwoman, The Sandman, Avengers Academy, Avengers Arena, Fringe, Hawkeye, The Wake, Lost? Maybe? Can you spoil Lost? I still don't know what's happening, Metaphors about Lost we definitely spoil those, The Spectre, Jack Kirby Characters in General, The Black Racer in Specific, The Flash, Swamp Thing, Mike Carey's Lucifer a little?, The Sandman Again, The Dark Half, The Walking Dead Kinda (jumped the gun. Whoops, sorry)

In this episode:
  • Horror Comics are on the docket.
    • As per usual, though, our discussion goes all over the place.
  • We talk mostly about the Big Two when it comes to how horror comics have affected us. We do jump out a little bit, but our discussions pretty much circle around characters that you're probably aware of, none of us are trying to be huge comic hipsters and reference comics that some dude printed in a local zine in Chicago upon which I did not at all spend an inordinate amount of money for really crappy comics that I'll never get to talk to anyone about because they were so bad shut up.
  • We complain a bit about the monochrome marketing strategy DC's employing.
  • Marvel comes out of the discussion a little better but you guys aren't off the hook either. Both of you could be doing better.
  • Per Christina: "Swamp Thing is about a guy who used to be a guy who it turns out wasn't a guy at all ever and just some fuckin' Swamp Thing"
    • Oh yeah, it's also pretty explicit. Pretend I said that up there.
  • This is a "little nubbins of a plant thing."
  • Dylan says "the 'comic audience' is a myth that publishers are clinging to [that doesn't really exist]." Nothing else to say, I just wanted to reiterate that.
  • This episode was originally supposed to be about women in horror comics. That didn't exactly happen. We ocassionally talk about women who are in horror comics, but that just gives me an excuse to do another comics episode.
  • We talk a lot about Constantine. That has its own show in development. If it gets picked up I will fight Ian to the death over our right to recap it. Hopefully it'll have nothing to do with the movie.
  • Opening quote and a few other citations are from "The Ten-Cent Plague" by David Hajdu
  • This is the ComicsAlliance article I refer to during the episode.
  • You can find our recommendations for comics here, here, and here.
  • Someone shared this link to an indie horror film they were working on and we've been remiss in sharing it back with you all. Check it out and donate if'n you can.
  • Intro: "Dig Up Her Bones" - The Misfits | YouTubeiTunes |
  • Outro: "Mr. Sandman" -  written by Pat Ballard and originally performed by the Chordettes, covered by Blind Guardian | YouTube |
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