Wednesday, September 23, 2015

085: Hannibal Retrospective - Everything Has to Happen…So Much

SPOILERS FOR ALL THREE SEASONS OF HANNIBAL, and potential spoilers for where they plan(ned) to take the series next.

In this episode:
  • Cleolinda Jones joins us once again! We discuss the Hannibal panels at Dragon Con 2015 and the way the Hannibal TV series wrapped up.
  • Cleo's Dragon Con experience was pretty awesome.
  • Our discussion of Dragon Con mixes with our discussion of the Hannibal Finale.
    • We get very deeply into discussions of the placement of Bedelia’s final scene, joking ways that Hannibal and Will could have survived, and the ramifications of the finale on all of Will’s emotional connections were the show to continue and he actually run off to Argentina with Hannibal.
  • At 1:25:52, we begin our discussion about Hannibal as a show in a broader context, including how Bryan Fuller handled the show and its community, the contrast between the first and second halves of Season 3 (and the reasons thereof), and how we feel about the show as a whole.
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  • Keep us in your podcast feed! We're moving to a monthly format, so stay tuned next month for a special, Halloween-themed episode.
  • Alternate titles for this episode:
    • God, Tennis Balls
    • Get Weird With The Lithuanian?
    • Playing Around With Tiny Flaming Homoerotic Birds
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • 36:38 - “Or something stupid like that” - Ian on American education. Ian from the future: “Critical Thinking,” that’s the homework question section I was thinking of.
    • The Sordid Activities of Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams
      • “They should take it on the road” Yeah they should. Sorry, I’m terrible.
      • Cleo shouldn’t feel bad about not being able to talk to famous people, I totally clammed up while meeting Gail Simone in bmore.
    • “You can’t do that, people won’t be on board with that” - And the ratings told them that they were right, hahaha
    • Man, we could probably talk about The Satanic Verses and its intrusive narrator forever.
    • We get mad sappy about this show, dude.

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015

    084: Hannibal 3x13 "The Wrath of the Lamb" - Hannibal and the Wonderful, Fantastic, Murderous, Very Best Day Ever

    None more artful. *sniff*

    SPOILERS UP TO (and including) THE HANNIBAL SEASON 3 FINALE, as well as for the novels and movies Manhunter, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

    In this episode:
    • Alright, wipe away your tears, time to start talkin’ bout, talkin’ bout the Hannibal finale
    • Vic joins us once again to discuss Hannibal 3x13 "The Wrath of the Lamb," including everything, and all of it happening so very, very much.
    • Running to the end of this season, we basically have a full exploration of Will’s character when it comes to the source material.
    • The article Fio references: Tracking Hannibal Lecter, from Manhunter to Red Dragon
    • Book purist reactions and the deviations from the source material that have been inherent in Fuller’s “remixing” strategy since the beginning.
    • Comparing and contrasting the various Dolarhyde stories, especially in reference to Reba’s story’s conclusion.
    • The problem of Jack becoming more of a side character this season as opposed to his more central role in previous seasons.
      • In her Aperitivo recap, Cleo actually gets deeper into the differing emotional ramifications of the show’s relationship between Hannibal and Crawford and the Book/Movie’s which we touch on only briefly here, but it’s good to mention.
    • Digesting the reaction to the Hannibal Finale (see what I did there?)
    • Is this really as close as we’re going to get to Hannigram Confirmed? 
    • Stay tuned in a couple of weeks for our series retrospective episode with Cleolinda Jones!
    • I got nothin', so here are the highlights from Fio's timestamps:
      • Hashtags are just stupid and funny. I don’t know why, but they are.
      • I don’t agree with Vic’s reading of Red Dragon / Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal in regards to Will Graham vs Clarice, but I think we got away from it before I could interject. In Red Dragon, Hannibal completely fucking destroys Will so bad he becomes nothing more than a footnote in someone else’s narrative by the end of it, but in Hannibal he acknowledges that he can’t even predict how what he did would change Clarice, so I think my reading of the books is kind of the opposite of what he was proposing.
      • Yes you do want to say “fall under Hannibal’s spell” admit it. ADMIT IT IAN
      • Will absolutely will not go to jail after the jailbreak because Murder Wizardry > Real world experience in this show. Every damn time.