Wednesday, July 22, 2015

078: Hannibal 3x07 "Digestivo" - Giggling at the Name of Hannibal Lecter

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 3x07

In this episode:
  • Back to our regular schedule! ...BUT AT WHAT COST? (None, really.)
  • Discussion of Hannibal 3x07 "Digestivo," including Margot's upsetting discovery and satisfying revenge, Alana's development as a character, Mason's awfulness, and of course, Will and Hannibal's relationship.
  • A brief discussion about the way Hannibal season finales tend to give shape and structure to the rest of the season retroactively
    • If this is what the MID-season finale was like, what the hell is the season finale going to be like?
  • The lighting in Hannibal deserves its own whole discussion
  • Killing Mason was a team effort. Hannibal, Alana, Margot, Will, and Chiyo are the Hannibal universe’s version of the Avengers
  • We all feel really weird that something good happened.
  • We award Hannibal a few points for facilitating the death of Mason, but he’ll probably lose them mad quick.
  • Fio's Internet dropped him from the Skype conversation a few times, so while we were able to edit out continuity issues, there may be some weird syncing errors. 
  • Apparently, the term is esotericism.
  • I just realized, if we ever had Tao Okamoto on, as well as Cleolinda, we would have a podcast consisting of Chiyo, Cleo and Fio. ...I'll let myself out.
  • Notes from Fio: 
    • I spend a while ranting about Hannibal’s color design and getting nowhere. I think what I meant to say was just “It’s impressive that, even though I look back and see that the color design is pretty outrageous, watching it in the moment it never strikes me as something unnatural or emanating from some source that feels inorganic for the scene”
    • Chiyo’s story is done because Chiyo’s story is just beginning. She’s going to move away and settle down in a small fishing village in the company of a blind old cat named Archibald Friskers AND NOTHING BAD WILL EVER HAPPEN TO CHIYO EVER AGAIN SO FUCKING HELP ME GODS, BRYAN FULLER
    • That bit with Cordell’s face definitely reminded me of the way that security guard’s face slides off of Hopkins’ face in Silence


  1. Not much bad happened to Chiyo this season (her prisoner attacked her and she had to kill him, but that's minor by the standards of this show). So the "EVER AGAIN" bit was surprising.

    Plugging a rival podcast, I thought Dan Fienberg & Alan Sepinwall were insightful in their analysis of this half-season.

  2. In Tome-Wan Mason said he should have locked Will & Hannibal in a cage to see who survived, like the two dogs.

    Mason is paralyzed, so they didn't really need to hold his head down.

    I don't understand why Alana didn't simply release Will after their conversation.Unlike Hannibal, he didn't even have any guards around.

    In Alana's first episode of the season she tells Jack that Will "knows what he has to do" and Jack follows him to Italy, so I don't know why Alana would be surprised that Will was around. I also don't know why the FBI didn't show up: Alana had access to information at Muskrat Farms and worked with the FBI to have connections/credibility. Her plan didn't depend on Jack Crawford (who was on the outs with the FBI from the beginning of the season), so Mason's claims about Jack were irrelevant.

    Chiyoh & Will didn't do anything to Mason. Will hardly accomplished anything this season. Jack would have very little reason to bring him back for Red Dragon, given how unreliable he's been.

    Clarice's material has been scattered all over, her fans are probably used to it by now.

    In a nice touch, Jack refers to Chiyoh as "wrong floor", although "sniper lady" could have worked as well.

    Hannibal already got betrayed by Will last season (as Hannibal should have expected), he shouldn't have been too surprised Will has had enough.

    I kept watching the show in part to see Hannibal get his comeuppance, so this wasn't nearly as satisfying as I was hoping.