Friday, July 17, 2015

077: Hannibal 3x06 "Dolce" - ...And the Bees Are On Fire

Hannibal (2013) Screencap
Just a lighthearted get together between old friends.

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 3x06, as well as spoilers for the Hannibal novel and movie.

In this episode:
  • Ian was kind enough to join us again at the last minute due to some complications with our guest host having a family emergency to tend to.
  • Everything is Hannibal and everything hurts.
  • There's a lot of movement going on in this episode which is a contrast to the more reserved, philosophical tone of the previous seasons.
  • Bedelia's a canny lady and Gillian Anderson deserves all of the Emmys. All of 'em.
  • Chiyo's motivations are still shrouded in fog, why does she does the things she does?
  • Ian mentions that he was finally getting what the Hannigram shippers see every day. Right before Hannibal ruined it
    • That's what Hannibal does. Freaking ruin things.
  • "Just make it weird." - Bryan Fuller's advice to Vincenzo Natali about how to direct a Hannibal sex scene, probably.
    • Seriously, though, that scene was freaking bonkers.
  • The interesting way the show chose to remix the final dinner scene from the Hannibal book/movie.
  • Apologies again for the lateness of this episode going up. This week has been an utter mess for both of us, though we do hope your week is going better.
  • Here's a link to the Nerdist article that Ian mentioned.
  • In the future we'll still be following our previous schedule and publishing episodes on Wednesday/Thursday so our Canadian listeners have a chance to hear the episode before the new Hannibal episode airs that week.


  1. hi there. i just discovered your podcast and wanted to go back and listen to your old episodes on hannibal for seasons 1 & 2. The links don't seem to be working though. is there anywhere else where i can listen to them?

    1. Hi! I tried a few of the links to early episodes of the podcast, and they seemed to work for me. It may be an issue on your end. Were there any in particular that weren't working for you?

      (Also, you can find direct links to the individual episode files on and

    2. ok thanks i worked it out. some of the download links work for me, others don't. not sure why but i've got the entire backlog of hannibal episodes transferred to iTunes, finally. :)

  2. There was supposed to be a fight between Jack & Chiyoh, but it got cut.

    Every episode is "fuck Hannibal".

    I have no problem disparaging fanfic: this is easily the worst written season. I no longer have confidence Fuller can spin out the story any more in a satisfactory manner. Although I was skeptical of it working as a TV show at the start, and was blown away by that first season.

    NBC renewed the show twice, despite having every reason to cancel. They deserve thanks. I'm more irritated at Amazon being unwilling to wait for Fuller to finish with American Gods. They gave a lot of leeway to Whit Stillman and Woody Allen, Fuller at least has a proven trackrecord as showrunner.

    NBC should have moved it to Saturday earlier. Local affiliates were complaining about the low rating leading into the news. Plus, I don't have to worry about being sleep deprived at work due to AV Club threads!