Wednesday, May 1, 2013

001: Hannibal 1x05 "Coquilles" - We're Okay With Cannibalism

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EXPLICIT: We curse sometimes. Not excessively, but yeah, there that is.

SPOILERS FOR HANNIBAL 1x01 - 1x05 (also includes minor Manhunter/Red Dragon spoilers)

In this episode:
  • It's our first! W00T.
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x05 "Coquilles," the series thus far, and overarching themes
  • Ghost Rider jokes are mentioned once, then never again
  • Ian struggles to word his thoughts right (but what's new?)
  • Fio's heart flutters momentarily for Hannibal
  • A train passes in the background
  • Horrible food puns are made
  • EDIT: Also, our discussion of the difference in colors in Bella/Hannibal vs Hannibal/Will scenes is coming slightly out of our asses. Rewatching "Coquilles" there's a giant goddamn saturated red wall looming over Bella in all of the scenes she has in Hannibal's office. The palette may be a little more muted, but not as much as we seemed to think when recording the episode. The funny things our minds are capable of, eh?
  • The Doctor Who episode Fio mentions (featuring an empath) is titled "Hide," not "Hurt."
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