Wednesday, May 22, 2013

004: Hannibal 1x08 "Fromage" - Brain Raccoons

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 1x08 (as well as Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs)

In this episode:
  • Hi, new listeners!
  • Discussion of Hannibal 1x08 "Fromage," Tobias and Franklyn, Will's psychological state, his relationships with Alana and Hannibal, and the fight scene between Tobias and Hannibal
  • How does one play a human cello? 
  • We gush about the fight scene, because holy crap, was it awesome
  • Ian expresses his theories about whether or not Will and Alana's kiss was real or a creation of Will's worsening mental state. In short: posible?
  • At the end of the episode, Ian also goes into a little more detail about The Monkey World and how he sees it relating to Hannibal
  • A few more details are given on the Most Insane Crackfic Crossover Contest (or MI3C). And by a few, I mean one. We have a deadline: end of Hannibal season 1. More details to come.
  • SUCKERPUNCH. That is the word I was floundering for at the beginning of the podcast, in reference to the episode's shortened run time making it have that much more of an intense impact. 
  • Opening sound clip from Dexter's Laboratory 1x09 "The Big Cheese"
  • Intro music: "Lotion" - Greenskeepers | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro music: "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)" - the Immortals (written by Oliver Adams) | YouTube | iTunes |
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