Wednesday, October 1, 2014

052: Sexy Mummies

Mild spoilers for Season 3 of The Walking Dead

In this episode:
  • Tonight: Horror Literature. *chamber music starts playing*
  • But before that, Ian talks a little bit about his experience at Scare-a-Con. In short: it was fun!
  • Fio and Ian take on the gigantic topic of horror literature, its origins, and where it has gone in the past three hundred years or so.
  • ...and show very quickly that they have done none of the research omg.
  • Alternate title for this episode: Vaguely Remembering Books We Read in High School.
  • The Dead Authors Podcast
  • Ian teases a special addition to the podcast for the month of October, in celebration of Halloween coming up!
  • Correction: The podcast adaptation of Dracula written by MST3K's Frank Conniff is titled "Dracula Has Risen in the Polls."
  • I worded it weirdly on the podcast, but what I meant to say was, Jeffrey Combs recommended I watch the DVD version of Re-Animator because it includes stuff that is not in the version on Netflix.
  • Also, I can't believe we didn't mention this on the podcast, but if you aren't watching Frankenstein, MD, you really should be (thanks for the reminder, Alina!). Attempts to describe it at the moment are failing me, so just watch it; it's friggin' awesome.
  • Again, neither of us were in top form for this podcast, so rest assured, it's likely we'll be touching on at least some of the topics or books mentioned on this episode again in more detail in the future.
  • I'll link it here once I have a post of the pictures from Scare-a-Con put together. Watch Tumblr for it.
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