Wednesday, April 29, 2015

071: Twin Peaks, Pt. II - Everything Else (sans the Movie)


In this episode:
  • Cleolinda Jones joins us for our discussion of the second half of the original Twin Peaks TV series!
  • We’re still not entirely positive what’s going on with Lynch re: the Twin Peaks revival.
  • Cleo sheds some light on what was going on behind the scenes in regards to Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and the effects it had on the story
  • The differing perspectives on the first season and the second, both with the audience and the cast
  • Ben Horne’s arc is… iffy.
  • Josie… yeah… Josie and the drawer handle.
  • The places the Nadine Hurley story goes are also maaaaaaaaaad iffy.
  • Tojimura: a whole ‘nother bucket of syrup.
  • The character of Denise, aside from a few missteps, is actually handled pretty well.
  • Lynch showing up in Louie gets touched on.
  • We do manage to tie things back into Hannibal, of course.
  • What could have been if Twin Peaks didn’t have to resolve the Laura Palmer mystery when he was forced to.
  • Announcement: We're taking May off (life happens), but we will be back With a Vengeance for Hannibal Season 3.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • “Then a film noir breaks out” - Cleo on things that should really happen more often.
    • Ben Horne doesn’t know how to people, but in a different way than Hannibal doesn’t know how to people and holy crap Deb from Dexter was in White Chicks. Those… aren’t connected. I have to stop working on the podcast when I haven’t eaten. Imma fix that really quick.
  • "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp (Coming June 2015) |
  • "Laura Palmer" - Bastille | YouTube | iTunes |

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

070: Twin Peaks, Pt. I - The Laura Palmer Mystery


In this episode:
  • Fio's friend Joe joins us once again to discuss the first half of Twin Peaks, which covers the part of the plot centered around the murder of Laura Palmer and the mystery of her killer.
  • We spend a lot of the episode talking about the "phenomenon" that is Twin Peaks and the varying interpretations of the series.
  • How did this show get picked up again?
  • Twin Peaks as a genre mash-up and simultaneous genre deconstruction
  • Twin Peaks doesn’t give a shit about character economy. Twin Peaks laughs at your character economy. Twin Peaks’ idea of character economy is making sure enough scenes take place at the Diner to reasonably expect it to still be open.
  • Twin Peaks is tonally inconsistent and its satire sometimes misses the mark, but that doesn’t necessarily detract from its quality. By that same token, getting put-off by the more arch aspects of the story or performance doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your taste.
  • Mark Frost is, in fact, still alive.
  • Fio's notes:
    • The dream logic of Twin Peaks, which we breeze right the fuck by and somehow don’t connect it to Hannibal even though we talk about the dream logic of Hannibal on 9/10 fucking goddamn episodes.
    • “Weep for the generations that will follow us” Okay, so we’re paying homage to Twin Peaks’ melodrama by employing our own melodrama, Joe? hahaha
    • Part of Audrey’s change in character has to do with the fact that Kyle MacLachlan pushed against the romance between the two characters, so the story was reworked to remove them from one another’s pools as love interests, IIRC
    • That “yeah, okay” sounds really sarcastic, but I keep trying so hard to talk before one of you guys gets on another long burn, hahaha
    • When Joe’s talking about dark police procedurals with disregard for female characters I wanted to start ripping into the Following soooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    • “The first time you ever saw porn when you were ten, like on accident” Wow, alright, talking about specificity there.
    • Okay, Joe talks about Lynch in no way glorifying violence against women, but I don’t know if that’s particularly the best way of putting it. Maybe we should have said something like the violence in Twin Peaks is never meant to be titillating, it feels more honest because it’s not meant to excite the audience.
    • Cultural diaspora of the female, I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean…?
    • "The dawn of female television stars" might be a bit of hyperbole

  • "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp (Coming June 2015) |
  • "Audrey's Dance" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
(Post-It Andy is my favorite Andy.)

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015

    068: Trumpets That Go Bump in the Night

    In this episode:
    • Andy of Lag Time Podcast joins us to discuss horror music!
    • And what a discussion it that we meander a lot and don't really come to any particular revelations about horror music. But we do bring up a lot of cool scores! Here's a list of some of the movies, video games, TV shows, and specific composers and soundtracks we bring up:
      • Terminator
      • Pan’s Labyrinth
      • Hannibal
      • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
      • Friday the 13th
      • Shyamalan movies
      • Akira Yamaoka (naturally)
      • The Ring
      • Twin Peaks
      • The Crow
      • Throne of Blood
      • The X-Files
      • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      • The Walking Dead
      • Invader Zim
      • Escape from Horrorland
      • Bioshock
      • Resident Evil
      • DayZ
      • Amnesia
      • Slender
      • Five Nights at Freddy’s
      • Vertigo
      • Psycho
    • Horror stories present unique opportunities and challenges compared to other genres, and as such also have their own suite of cliches to go along with it.
    • In case anyone was wondering, Fio is 0% composer.
    • Listen to the end of this episode for the full version of the podcast theme, "This is My Design."
    • Apologizes for the size of the episode file this time around. I wanted improve the audio quality a little bit, since we were discussing music.
    • For those who may have missed it, here is the episode Anglo-Filles where I joined them to discuss soundtracks. 
    • The terms for music/sound in movies: "Diegetic" aaaaand (drum roll)..."non-diegetic." Wow. You'd think it'd be easier for me to remember that.
    • Here's that YouTube video of username Diego_Reynoso playing around with some of the samples Akira Yamaoka used for the Silent Hill games.
    • From Fio: "Dead Souls" is the Joy Division NiN cover on the Crow soundtrack.
    • Also from Fio: The trailer with "Welcome to the Jungle" running over it is Run All Night.
    • Here are the "Real Games of Genius" parodies that Andy and I made:
    • Highlights from Fio's podcast notes:
      • Doesn’t Bobby’s World have an episode about Friday the 13th? On a similar note, remember fucking Bobby’s World?
      • Poll: Is me being really into Iron Maiden in high school predictable or suuuuuuuper predictable? (From Ian: Is it inversely proportional to how predictable it was that I was into Iron Maiden in high school?)
      • “Chorus of Kittens” is among my favorite of the Jhonen Vasquez requests for the composers in Zim.

    • Opening:
      • "Mercedes Lullaby (Nana de Mercedes)" - Javier Navarette (from Pan's Labyrinth) | YouTube | iTunes |
      • "First Crop Circles" - James Newton Howard (from Signs) | YouTube |
      • "The Walking Dead (Main Theme)" - Bear McCreary | YouTube |
      • "Promise (Reprise)" - Akira Yamaoka (from Silent Hill 2) | YouTube | iTunes |
    • Outro: "This is My Design" - written & performed by Ian | SoundCloud | Bandcamp (Coming Summer 2015) |

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    067: Fizzy Dagons & Undead Cameramen

Carmilla text edition:  6/?

    MAJOR SPOILERS FOR WEB SERIES CARMILLA AND FRANKENSTEIN, M.D. Minor spoilers for Adult Wednesday Addams and The Joker Blogs.

    In this episode:
    • Tonight's topic: Horror web series! We cover some recent popular horror web series, including:
    • Most of our discussion revolves around Carmilla and Frankenstein, M.D., since they have the most material to draw from (and Fio didn't get around to watching The Joker Blogs--shame on you, Fio).
    • Adapting Victorian novels into modern web series--who knew it would catch on?
    • Carmilla's and Frankenstein, M.D.'s different implementations of the weblog format
    • Watching characters/actors develop over the course of the series, and comparing how each series end their first "seasons"
    • Adult Wednesday Addams, and the age-old question: How does one best adapt the Addams Family? (Apparently there's a musical. Go figure.)
    • The Joker Blogs, and what it takes from both The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan film and the Batman animated series
    • Apparently there IS a Frankenstein TV series being developed by Fox. Knew I heard about it somewhere. Although clearly not this article, since it just came out.
    • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
      • 39:30 - Okay, so you say “there’s a lot of blue” but I was doing some writing while listening and totally thought you said “there’s a lot of lube” and I was sitting here like “waaaaaaaaaaaaat”
      • "I don’t think it came out of nowhere" what I should have said was that the rehearsals for a downer ending were definitely there.
      • Victoria: Less of a dick than Victor
      • I realized that the anti-smoking commercial that pissed me off was the one from truth featuring that swipe-left tindr parody song. I mean, the song is obnoxious, but the fact that they close the commercial and that fucking guy jumps up and fucking yells “HASHTAG” is the part that makes me want to go out buy a whole goddamn pack of cigarettes and smoke them at once. (Note from Ian: I have not had the misfortune of seeing this commercial. Yet. *looks over shoulder nervously*)
      • Realtalk, I just like saying Fizzy Dagon
      • When talking about the Addams Family I mention “There are some values they have that we also cherish” but don’t really expand upon it. In case anyone’s confused, I’m talking mainly about the love between Gomez and Morticia here, but that extends to the whole family. The morality of the Addams Family is more of a step to the side of our own rather than the complete opposite.
    • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
    • Outro: "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" - How to Destroy Angels | YouTube | iTunes |
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    Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    066: Constantine 1x13 "Waiting for the Man" - Angels. What're You Gonna Do?

    Click to view full size image

    "Midnite. I've come to invite you to join my boy band. Like my personal backlight?"

    SPOILERS UP TO (and including) CONSTANTINE 1x13

    In this episode:
    • Alina of the Anglo-Filles podcast joins us!
    • Discussion of Constantine 1x13 "Waiting for the Man," including the adaptation (or lack thereof) of the comic issue of the same name, the price on Constantine's head, the foggy motivations throughout the episode, and the lack of a season finale climax.
    • WHY NO CHAS.
    • Clearly there was more sexual tension going on between Constantine and Corrigan than either of them with Zed.
    • The Manny reveal: ...the fuck?
    • How did the switch from Liv to Zed end up suiting the series?
    • Constantine season 2: Yay or Nay?
    • Our next episode will be in two weeks (March 5). Trust us, we'll have a topic by then. For reelz.
    • Thanks again to Alina for joining us!
    • Ok, so I went back and re-read the "Waiting for the Man" issue of Hellblazer a bit more, and here's the deal: First of all, the girls don't show their "wedding rings" right off the bat. All they tell "Vesta" is that there's a Man who has a house and he lets them do whatever they want. So of course that's going to be attractive to a young kid whose home life sucks. Second, it's INCREDIBLY clear by the climax of the story that her mind is clouded by some sort of hypnotism/spell/trance, which is why she doesn't just bolt once she finds out about the "wedding rings." So seriously, TV show writers, what was the deal?
    • Again: Let us know if there's anything in particular you want to hear us talk about on the podcast! You can contact us through the various options in the sidebar.
    • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
    • Outro: "Mice and Gods" - Clutch | YouTube | iTunes |
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    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    065: Constantine 1x12 "Angels and Ministers of Grace" - Yay, Harold Perrineau!

    SPOILERS UP TO (and including) CONSTANTINE 1x12 and THE WALKING DEAD 5x09.

    In this episode:
    • Discussion of Constantine 1x12 "Angels and Ministers of Grace," including Manny's double-speak, the logistics of the plot, and the awesome dialogue this episode.
    • Various rumors swirl over the fate of Constantine as a TV series. We share our thoughts on the matter.
    • We have a core-four main cast--why doesn't it feel like it?
    • What we hope to see in the finale. Share your own wild mass guessing in the comments!
    • Since our discussion on Constantine ends a bit prematurely, we talk a little bit about this week's episode of The Walking Dead and the *MAJOR SPOILER* that occurs.
    • We also have several divergences within our Constantine discussion into Helix, Haven, Being Human, Fringe, Hannibal, Agent Carter, Arrow, and Battlestar Galactica. But not Divergent.
    • Guys, there's so much stuff we missed in our discussion of this episode: Chas stabbing himself to get them into the ICU, the Heart-of-Darkness monster's kills, Constantine's arc this episode, and various other minutiae that are meant to be nitpicked in podcast form. If there's anything in particular you were hoping we'd talk about and we didn't, let us know in the comments.
    • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
    • Outro: "Superman" - Lazlo Bane | YouTube | iTunes |
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