Wednesday, April 9, 2014

036: Hannibal 2x06 "Futamono" - Friends, Not Food Processors

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 2x06, as well as mild spoilers for HANNIBAL 2x07 

In this episode:
  • Discussion of Hannibal 2x06 "Futamono," including the RETURN OF MIRIAM, Chilton and his awesome face, Will and Hannibal's tête à tête, Ian's continued distress over how Alana's going to feel after all of this is over, and DAMMIT WHAT IS HANNIBAL'S GAME, WHAT IS IT, FOR PETE'S SAKE, WE NEED ANSWERRRRRRRRRRS *flips tables*
  • Here's Cleo's discussion entry for this episode, which Ian couldn't help but reference multiple times, since her readers are awesome and thoughtful. (Also he apparently has very few original thoughts this week.)
  • Gideon--whatever his plan was--is in a bit of a tight spot now.
  • Lots of symbolism in this episode, from lids to blooming flowers to the musical finality of the last scene.
  • Also lots of Silence of the Lambs references, and a trip back into the Southern Gothic.
  • Ian continues to have mixed feelings over Will's descent into darkness.
  • At 49:30, Ian makes a comment about a spoilery image he saw, and GROSSLY misremembers the information he read in it. SPOILERS FOR 2x07: Here's the actual post--it's from the Korean promo, I believe, and the captions are NOTHING like I said they were, but they're still a little spoilery.
  • The opening murder tableau from Deadly Premonition. Again: kind of graphic.
  • Somewhere in the midst of talking about Will's Descent into Darkness™, I say "And THIS is where Hannibal turns himself around!" Clearly I meant Will. Names. I know them, really.
  • One little highlight from Fio's timestamps, concerning the main topics of this episode:
    • Figuring out Gideon’s game in goading the guards into garroting him (they don’t but I couldn’t break the alliteration)
  • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
  • Outro: "Dear Rosemary" - Foo Fighters | YouTube | iTunes |
(Header image taken from that magnificent Chilton gifset:


  1. Hm. See, I'm still considering that possibility that leading Jack to Miriam was not part of Hannibal's plan but an actual mistake he made. I honestly don't know that the episode has any implications one way or another. I think we're all just so used to Hannibal being the Murder Wizard that the possibility that he's actually made a mistake rather than a Xanatos gambit barely even enters our thoughts.

  2. As far as the fish hooks and exonerating Will goes, I think that has two parts: 1. Will is MUCH more fun to pay with outside of prison, and 2. He really has been shockingly rude. I think we're about to get a very intense chess match between the two men, with Will trying to definitively prove Hannibal is the Ripper while Hannibal starts trying to destroy Will.