Thursday, July 7, 2016

094: Evil Dead: The Musical (2006) - Candarian Demons (Ah Ooo)

Not pictured: 15 entire Black Knight's worth of fake blood.


In this episode:
  • Early on we talk about the particular energy and the unique complications of live shows. This is not the last time this will come up.
  • Evil Dead is the only example of a musical we'll be discussing this summer where it’s just part of a media phenomenon instead of being the primary text.
  • This is the conversation that Fio was referencing on the podcast regarding Del Toro as a new showrunner for a theoretical Twilight Zone reboot.
  • How it’s impossible for this musical to exist in a vacuum.
    • Minor point about how Ash is Bruce Campbell, he hasn’t really had a chance (nor has anyone really made the attempt) to divorce him from that.
  • Why "Do the Necronomicon" doesn’t really work.
  • We get into a brief discussion about weird things that are integral to characters that show up late in their narratives.
  • The difficulty in suspending disbelief in horror and how it contrasts with the difficulty in suspending disbelief in musicals.

  • Ephemera from the notes and timestamps:
      • From Ian: I know you just mean “we have a long aside about Blood Wedding,” but I kind of want to read this as “BLOOD WEDDING ASIDE, THERE IS SOME CONTENT ABOUT THE EVIL DEAD MUSICAL ON THIS EPISODE, REALLY.”
    • I spent like 20 minutes last episode talking about how much I love that REPO! is “for nobody” but when talking about extreme haunted houses, I’m ranting “WHO IS THIS FOR?”
    • Fio makes an aside to NiN, drink.
    • 100% taking credit for "Ole Billy Shats"

  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp |
  • “What the Fuck Was That?” - Evil Dead: Original Broadway Cast Album | YouTube | Amazon |
  • “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons” - Evil Dead: Original Broadway Cast Album | YouTube | Amazon |
  • “We Will Never Die” - Evil Dead: Original Broadway Cast Album | YouTube | Amazon |

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  1. Got to give a recommendation for Heathers The Musical. I'm uncertain if it qualifies as horror, but I'm pretty sure it does. It didn't make it to Broadway, but it got a huge cult following and it's just fantastic. I think it actually might be less campy than its source material? But it's still definitely campy.