Wednesday, June 22, 2016

093: Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) - TESTIFY!

Wait...wasn't there a scene like this in Little Shop?


In this episode:
  • The second installment of our Summer Musical Series!
  • We discuss the 2008 adaptation of Repo! The Genetic Opera, including the cast, the plot, the music, and how it all churns into something that's both a mess and yet undeniably something we enjoy the hell out of.
  • This is a flawed film, but there’s a lot to love in here.
  • Comparing the needs of musical theater to the needs of film in terms of pacing and shit.
  • The third act is really where the seams begin to show in this flick.
  • This film is unabashedly for itself, which is definitely something to be respected.
  • Next time: Evil Dead: The Musical!
  • The Devil’s Carnival is unfortunately not on Netflix.
  • From Fio: Referring to something like Linkin Park imbuing in you a “deep vein of metal” might get some people calling us out on our metal credentials, haha. ...That's fair. Direct any complaints directly to me. - Ian
  • Luigi's line is actually "I will shoot you in the FACE!" My mistake.
  • More from Fio:
    • Would you say that they needed to explain the use of Zydrate in a way that’s quick, and clean, and pure? Booooo. - Ian
    • Going back to talking about Infected, some of the lines in that are pretty awesome. Especially “Do you hear me, mother? Thanks for the disease.” I just really fucking love that line, hahaha.
    • “Daddy’s girl’s a fucking monster” is also an amazing line, by the by.
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp |
  • "Zydrate Anatomy" - Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "Legal Assassin" - Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "Infected" - Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack | YouTube | Amazon |
  • "At the Opera Tonight" - Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack | YouTube | Amazon

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