Wednesday, April 29, 2015

071: Twin Peaks, Pt. II - Everything Else (sans the Movie)


In this episode:
  • Cleolinda Jones joins us for our discussion of the second half of the original Twin Peaks TV series!
  • We’re still not entirely positive what’s going on with Lynch re: the Twin Peaks revival.
  • Cleo sheds some light on what was going on behind the scenes in regards to Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, and the effects it had on the story
  • The differing perspectives on the first season and the second, both with the audience and the cast
  • Ben Horne’s arc is… iffy.
  • Josie… yeah… Josie and the drawer handle.
  • The places the Nadine Hurley story goes are also maaaaaaaaaad iffy.
  • Tojimura: a whole ‘nother bucket of syrup.
  • The character of Denise, aside from a few missteps, is actually handled pretty well.
  • Lynch showing up in Louie gets touched on.
  • We do manage to tie things back into Hannibal, of course.
  • What could have been if Twin Peaks didn’t have to resolve the Laura Palmer mystery when he was forced to.
  • Announcement: We're taking May off (life happens), but we will be back With a Vengeance for Hannibal Season 3.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • “Then a film noir breaks out” - Cleo on things that should really happen more often.
    • Ben Horne doesn’t know how to people, but in a different way than Hannibal doesn’t know how to people and holy crap Deb from Dexter was in White Chicks. Those… aren’t connected. I have to stop working on the podcast when I haven’t eaten. Imma fix that really quick.
  • "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp (Coming June 2015) |
  • "Laura Palmer" - Bastille | YouTube | iTunes |

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  1. I agree with you on one-season mysteries being better, but there's a problem with your example of Broadchurch: it recently finished its second season.