Wednesday, April 8, 2015

070: Twin Peaks, Pt. I - The Laura Palmer Mystery


In this episode:
  • Fio's friend Joe joins us once again to discuss the first half of Twin Peaks, which covers the part of the plot centered around the murder of Laura Palmer and the mystery of her killer.
  • We spend a lot of the episode talking about the "phenomenon" that is Twin Peaks and the varying interpretations of the series.
  • How did this show get picked up again?
  • Twin Peaks as a genre mash-up and simultaneous genre deconstruction
  • Twin Peaks doesn’t give a shit about character economy. Twin Peaks laughs at your character economy. Twin Peaks’ idea of character economy is making sure enough scenes take place at the Diner to reasonably expect it to still be open.
  • Twin Peaks is tonally inconsistent and its satire sometimes misses the mark, but that doesn’t necessarily detract from its quality. By that same token, getting put-off by the more arch aspects of the story or performance doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your taste.
  • Mark Frost is, in fact, still alive.
  • Fio's notes:
    • The dream logic of Twin Peaks, which we breeze right the fuck by and somehow don’t connect it to Hannibal even though we talk about the dream logic of Hannibal on 9/10 fucking goddamn episodes.
    • “Weep for the generations that will follow us” Okay, so we’re paying homage to Twin Peaks’ melodrama by employing our own melodrama, Joe? hahaha
    • Part of Audrey’s change in character has to do with the fact that Kyle MacLachlan pushed against the romance between the two characters, so the story was reworked to remove them from one another’s pools as love interests, IIRC
    • That “yeah, okay” sounds really sarcastic, but I keep trying so hard to talk before one of you guys gets on another long burn, hahaha
    • When Joe’s talking about dark police procedurals with disregard for female characters I wanted to start ripping into the Following soooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    • “The first time you ever saw porn when you were ten, like on accident” Wow, alright, talking about specificity there.
    • Okay, Joe talks about Lynch in no way glorifying violence against women, but I don’t know if that’s particularly the best way of putting it. Maybe we should have said something like the violence in Twin Peaks is never meant to be titillating, it feels more honest because it’s not meant to excite the audience.
    • Cultural diaspora of the female, I don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean…?
    • "The dawn of female television stars" might be a bit of hyperbole

  • "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
  • "This is My Design" - Ian Doherty | SoundCloud | Bandcamp (Coming June 2015) |
  • "Audrey's Dance" - Angelo Badalamenti (from Twin Peaks) | YouTube | iTunes |
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