Wednesday, April 23, 2014

038: Hannibal 2x08 "Su-Zakana" - Maybe I'm A Little Sensitive...

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 2x08 and the Hannibal book and film.

In this episode:
  • There were some birds, and a murder victim, and a horse, and then some truly horrifying shenanigans ensued.
  • Oh, stuff happened on the podcast too.
  • We talk about the introduction of Margot Verger, what we think of the changes to her character, the reasons Bryan Fuller had for enacting these changes, and how we could possibly see him tackling the bucket of worms that is any storyline involving Mason.
  • Some contrasting discussion looking at the way Hannibal has been structuring story arcs vs. the way we see story arcs being constructed on The Walking Dead.
    • There are also a few more jabs to be had at the brick-upside-the-head-subtle Chess metaphor The Walking Dead hammered on the first half of Season Four, so of course we had to get them in.
  • What exactly is Will playing at going all gun-pully-don't-stop-gotta-murder on the Killer of the Week this episode? Is that a sincere expression of his frustration at being rendered powerless and pinned with Hannibal's crimes, or is it his own version of fishing, trying to lure Hannibal into a false sense of security and a familiar position of power over him?

  • The AVClub's interview with Bryan Fuller regarding this episode.
  • HannibalCafe's Su-Zakana recap/quote repository
  • Context for Margot's appearance courtesy of Cleo. TWs for a lot, like a whole lot, they're mentioned in the top of the post.
  • Highlights from Ian's timestamps:
    • 23:05 - p. And who the fuck says “Out the wazoo.”
    • 31:32 - Omg, I’m so frustrated with myself. I completely misunderstood what was going on with the KOTW this episode until I read the AV Club interview in full (as you can see from my comment below). I somehow didn’t understand that Peter was the one who sewed the first girl into the horse and put the bird inside her, but he didn’t kill her. Clark killed her, and Peter knew her, and he was trying to give her a (symbolic) rebirth. Which is just ten kinds of depressing. And then Will makes the comment about “Killing them” because he thinks Peter just killed his social worker, and “them” just refers to bad people (or “the people we’ve killed”) in general. Which is interesting, because it also calls to mind Will’s feelings about killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs.
    • 54:50 - I think a simpler way to put what I was trying to convey is, “Alana may start to believe that Will is really the bad guy, and Hannibal is the victim in this situation.”
    • 55:30 - Really, Ian? “Living for that moment”? That’s a bit strong.
    • 1:04:28 - P. And what am I trying to do by prolonging the episode? WHAT DO, IAN?
    • 1:06:02 - 1:07:07 - AGAIN WITH THE PROLONGING THE EPISODE.
  • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
  • Outro: "Goodbye Horses" - Q Lazzarus | YouTube | iTunes |
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  1. Of COURSE this ended on Goodbye Horses.

  2. Ian outright told me not to use it for the outro but I kinda misread his text ^_^;

  3. When Will said "But you didn't deserve to kill him", I think there is some emphasis on "you". Will has already killed the Minnesota Shrike. He attempted to have Hannibal killed. He's got a darkness in him which St. Francis of Assisi/Peter Bernadorne lacks.

    1. I think you're spot on with the comparison to Will attempting to have Hannibal killed but we can probably skate by comparisons to the Shrike's killing thanks to extenuating circumstances. When Will shows up in the Hobbs home Abigail is being held with a knife to her throat and GJH's murder is presented as a reactionary choice on Will's behalf. Maybe not the only choice available to him, but definitely a justifiable one. This killing, however, is then contrasted with Will sparing the Gardener in Amuse-Bouche, which casts Will's morality in S1 in a very different light from where he's at thus far in S2.