Wednesday, April 16, 2014

037: Hannibal 2x07 "Yakimono" - The Serial Killer Experience

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) HANNIBAL 2x07

In this episode:
  • Holy crap. I know we've said we meander in the past, but buckle in for this one, listeners.
  • Discussion of Hannibal 2x07 "Yakimono," including the uncertain fate of Chilton, the uncertain brain chemistry of Miriam Lass, story structure and plotting, Jack's development as a character, and wendigos. Our verdict: there should be more of them. In modern horror fiction. Not just roaming around and eating people in general.
  • We debate meta and in-story reasons for and against Chilton being dead. We hope he's not.
  • What the fuck did Hannibal do to Miriam?
  • Themes and philosophies at war in Fuller's scripts
  • Chilton's house is furnished much differently than Fio imagined.
  • How happy is Hannibal, having to be secretive so much of the time?

  • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
  • Outro: "Suggestions" - System of a Down | YouTube | iTunes |
(Screencap taken from, because hey! It's back! Yay!)


  1. As you're talking about Chilton's house looking impressive but not lived in, all i can think of is, "Poor Chilton. He so badly wants to impress people, but no one likes him enough to come to his parties." Meanwhile, Hannibal's getting standing ovations for his people food.

    1. Remember at the beginning of the season, when we were listing everyone who was #notforeating and, when Imaginary Hannibal turned to us and said "WELL WHO IS" and we would all, as one, whisper "Chilton"?


    2. I didn't know I was going to regret my words. Bryan Fuller is the murder wizard who has gaslighted all of us.

  2. I have a $5 bet riding on Chilton being alive. Having the bullet go in his cheek and out the side-back of his neck (missing brainstem and what not), especially in this world of handgun shots with "surgical precision" means he's going to show up next season with MORE scars once the filming of Law and Order: SVU wraps up. And I REALLY hope that's the plan for future (knock on wood) seasons- near-death for Chilton, come back more scarred and more hilarious than ever.

  3. Hi guys! I'm the person who sent you the vegetarian taco recipe. I figured I should check in since you mentioned it in the podcast.

    My pet theory on how Hannibal gets "caught": the Vergers are involved somehow. I'm operating largely spoiler-free (except based on the books) and my assumption is that Hannibal is going to find it impossible hold back with Mason Verger and that's going to bring his house of cards falling down.

  4. Re: Chilton's house: that wasn't a set, it was actually someone's house that they filmed in :)