Sunday, January 24, 2016

088: IT'S COMING! 2016! *hides*

Mild spoilers for Insidious (2010) and The Conjuring (2013).

In this episode:
  • We discuss horror movies, TV, and video games coming up in 2016.
  • We recorded this on the 12th, so there are plenty of things that have been announced since then that we didn't cover on this episode. Apologies for the delay.
  • Rose Byrne played the mother in Insidious, not Vera Farmiga. Again--these movies.
  • Although--let us apologize for dropping some serious shade on Insidious and The Conjuring during this cast.
    • From Fio: It’s not that I can’t tell Insidious and The Conjuring apart when watching them, it’s that when I think about them, I can’t remember which scenes are part of which movie.
    • Corroborative evidence: This is the Insidious scene I (Ian) was talking about, but boy, did I recall it wrong.
  • Skype did actually record the beginning of the podcast, despite my belief that it hadn't, so that's what you're hearing in the outtakes at the end. 
  • More from Fio:
    • How did I not mention 1989 classic Warlock when we were talking about witch movies?
    • I’m going to apologize to our listeners for my lack of Phantasm expertise, but to be fair you kinda put me on the spot there, Ian. Hahaha.
    • Can we get back to releasing cool horror flicks around all hallows? That would be nice.
    • Natalie Dormer also plays her sister in that flick (The Forest), and from that sounds of it that’s the reason she took the job. Interviews make it sound like she was just checking something off a list where she plays against herself.
    • Sam Neill totally plays Damien in the 3rd Omen movie.

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  1. Another movie about "Georgian body snatching" that might be fun to look at is "I Sell the Dead." Though it starts off absurd and keeps running.

    Instead of normal graves these guys end up looking up and stealing bodies of less human sorts.