Wednesday, March 4, 2015

067: Fizzy Dagons & Undead Cameramen

Carmilla text edition:  6/?

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR WEB SERIES CARMILLA AND FRANKENSTEIN, M.D. Minor spoilers for Adult Wednesday Addams and The Joker Blogs.

In this episode:
  • Tonight's topic: Horror web series! We cover some recent popular horror web series, including:
  • Most of our discussion revolves around Carmilla and Frankenstein, M.D., since they have the most material to draw from (and Fio didn't get around to watching The Joker Blogs--shame on you, Fio).
  • Adapting Victorian novels into modern web series--who knew it would catch on?
  • Carmilla's and Frankenstein, M.D.'s different implementations of the weblog format
  • Watching characters/actors develop over the course of the series, and comparing how each series end their first "seasons"
  • Adult Wednesday Addams, and the age-old question: How does one best adapt the Addams Family? (Apparently there's a musical. Go figure.)
  • The Joker Blogs, and what it takes from both The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan film and the Batman animated series
  • Apparently there IS a Frankenstein TV series being developed by Fox. Knew I heard about it somewhere. Although clearly not this article, since it just came out.
  • Highlights from Fio's timestamps:
    • 39:30 - Okay, so you say “there’s a lot of blue” but I was doing some writing while listening and totally thought you said “there’s a lot of lube” and I was sitting here like “waaaaaaaaaaaaat”
    • "I don’t think it came out of nowhere" what I should have said was that the rehearsals for a downer ending were definitely there.
    • Victoria: Less of a dick than Victor
    • I realized that the anti-smoking commercial that pissed me off was the one from truth featuring that swipe-left tindr parody song. I mean, the song is obnoxious, but the fact that they close the commercial and that fucking guy jumps up and fucking yells “HASHTAG” is the part that makes me want to go out buy a whole goddamn pack of cigarettes and smoke them at once. (Note from Ian: I have not had the misfortune of seeing this commercial. Yet. *looks over shoulder nervously*)
    • Realtalk, I just like saying Fizzy Dagon
    • When talking about the Addams Family I mention “There are some values they have that we also cherish” but don’t really expand upon it. In case anyone’s confused, I’m talking mainly about the love between Gomez and Morticia here, but that extends to the whole family. The morality of the Addams Family is more of a step to the side of our own rather than the complete opposite.
  • Intro: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
  • Outro: "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" - How to Destroy Angels | YouTube | iTunes |
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  1. Don't have time to listen to your podcast right now, but I have to say I was disappointed by the only one of these I watched (Frankenstein MD, although I think I've seen a couple Addams ones). Victoria was interesting as a proto mad scientist, and then she just gives up? The Frankenstein story is supposed to end with the doctor chasing the creature to Antarctica, not just being sad in a basement.

  2. I also thought it was strange that Victoria so instantly concluded "it's not Robert". His status as someone she knew in life (as opposed to the complete stranger in Frankenstein) could have made it different.

    I had been under the impression they weren't going to make another season of Frankenstein MD. Not sure I'm going to watch it though. I actually liked the science stuff (and there's lots of stuff on the website that aren't in any of the videos). I was surprised you hadn't seen Bride of Frankenstein either; I only watched it because I saw you listed it in your "horror canon".

    I haven't watched Carmilla or read the book, but I have to give a shoutout to Carl Theodor Dryer's "Vampyr", which some at least claim as the first pure arthouse horror film. It's only loosely based on a couple stories from "In a Glass Darkly" and probably wouldn't have any special appeal to those who like the web series (as least given what little I know of that), but it's Carl Theodor Freaking Dryer which is reason enough to watch it.