Thursday, December 4, 2014

059: Constantine 1x06 "Rage of Caliban" - This Angel Character

Constantine (2014) Screencap
C'mon, NBC. You know you ship it.

SPOILERS UP TO (and including) CONSTANTINE 1x06

In this episode:
  • Christina joins us once again!
  • Discussion of Constantine 1x06 "Rage of Caliban," including its original placement as episode two and how the move affected the episode and the season up until this point, John and Chas getting some bonding time, Manny and his obnoxiously cryptic ways, and the Creepy Kid Checklist™.
  • We spend a good amount of time just talking about the series as a whole before getting into the specifics of this episode.
  • We're really interested in seeing how next episode goes, especially when it comes to exploring Manny's character.
  • Please give us the Newcastle incident. PLEASE.
  • Also, we would really appreciate it if Constantine was portrayed as bi. For a variety of reasons.
  • This episode basically handed an easy parallel to the writers between the case of the week and Constantine, but the writers really failed to capitalize on it.
  • We also make several digressions while making comparisons, including ones into FOX's Gotham and--of course--NBC's Hannibal.
  • Once again: apologies for the lateness.
  • Intro music: "This is My Design" - original song, music by Ian. More on this as it develops.
  • Outro music: "Cherub Rock" - Smashing Pumpkins | YouTube | iTunes |

(Header image taken from I'm sorry; I was originally just looking for a good picture of John taking the sword away from Chas so I could make a joke about backing away from character development, and then I saw this one.)

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  1. It's actually not a Shakespeare but Oscar Wilde reference. Google the phrase.

    A show where Jesus is fair game: South Park, even back to Santa vs Jesus.