Wednesday, February 26, 2014

030: Prelude to a Cannibal Opera (Cannibopera?)

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(Alternative title for this episode was "ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH MY FILTHIES!" Seriously, for like 33 whole seconds that was totes gonna be the title)


In this episode:
  • Cleo's back with us! Hannibal's happening again soon! Things! Things, you guys! Things!
  • Before we get started, we should apologize. Profusely. It seems like our recording equipment (strong word, there) malfunctioned during the first hour of the podcast. Did my best with the editing, but there are some awkward cuts, and little bits get left out in places. In my head, I refer to the time of the podcast when malfunctions were things that happened and the time when they were not as "Before Avocado" and "Avocado Domini" respectively.
  • Alright *deep breath* here we go...
  • We start off doing a quick roundup of the horror shows and horror-ish shows that we've been checking out this season:
    • True Detective, the influence of The King in Yellow, people telling Matthew McConaughey to shut up for thirty minutes, Fio gets confused about what a spiral looks like, why the show is worth watching.
    • Sleepy Hollow and the utter wackiness that has been the entire season, the (unnecessary) justifications for tree demons out of nowhere, why the characters are what really carries us through this show, and how we're holding out hope for the irreverent madcap delight to carry us onto the next season.
    • Dracula and Cleo's crushing disappointment, the difference between sex and violence being used with nuance and being used in an exploitative manner, how everyone on this show is a total prick, and how the whiplash of switching between the show's love of barely-network-safe sexytimes and barely-network-safe headsplodies will afflict you with an acute crotch confusion (Crotchfusion? Never mind, that's like the opposite of what I meant).
  • If you're just looking for Hannibal, that discussion starts in earnest around 58:30 (listen for a familiar sound) with a few bits and pieces hanging about on the end of Dracula. Tee hee, gross. Anyway, as far as Hannibal is concerned:
    • We say "what the fuck?" a lot. Add exclamation points to that as necessary.
    • There's a lot of speculation about what we might see in the upcoming season, who's going to die, how awful is it going to get, and who is not for eating. Not for eating. #notforeating
    • We get into how wonderful the 13-Hour Devour was (even though Ian and Fio were total losers and couldn't take part), and how it's super cool that Fannibals have the ability to trend a hashtag of someone who gets around 2 minutes of screentime world-wide, which is just great.
    • "Entree," "Sorbet," and "Fromage" form a sort of mini-arc that we get into some depth discussing on the podcast, since we're pretty sure it's the favorite arc of the show for all three of us (am I overstepping in saying that? Correct me if that's not the case).
    • The casting of the Verger kids and how fancasting Lee Pace in the role of Mason probably would have made a lot of people very upset.
    • There's a Mads Mikkelsen Q&A coming up soon. We broach that topic and start talking about the nature of fandom and the interesting age demographics the Fannibals seem to be spread across.
  • For the True Detective fans in our audience, here are links to check out regarding The Yellow Sign and SCP-701, The Hanged King
  • Here's a link to a round-up of Cleolinda's Storify recaps thus far
  • Ohhhhhhhh, Franklin....
  • Ian thinks we should post links to Cleo's custom "My Little Ravenstag" when she receives it. Fio concurs.
  • This is the article that discusses the inspiration of the Hannibal character that we mention.
  • Aside from the previous round-up, here's Cleo's Storify of the 13-Hour Devour
  • Highlights from Ian's timemarks:
    • 39:40 - More Skype recorder demons. I think there’s enough of it there to figure out what I’m saying, but we’ll just have to throw up a disclaimer on the blogpost. Fuck me, this is annoying. AND IT’S ONLY WHEN I’M TALKING. *shakes fist at podcast gods*
    • 41:18 - Pause as Cleo and I try to be polite as fuck and let the other speak.
    • 1:00:00 - Re: the puns: I REGRET NOTHING.
    • 1:20:11 - #DidYouStealMySperm. It actually flows into discussion about Hannibal and Twitter, so we might not need to cut it for an outtake.
  • Before we go, I want to point out that, thanks to Ian's timestamps, our blog now contains the phrase "...Sperm. It flows..." So if that's something you came here for, umm... We have that now.
  • ETA: THE THING. #thing
  • Intro Music: "Feel Good Inc." - Gorillaz | YouTube | iTunes |
  • Outro Music: "la Folia" - performed by Emilie Autumn | YouTube | iTunes |


  1. The drop in interest for the Walking Dead might be due to how thoroughly Nerdist has it covered. There's the after show and it's pretty frequently on podcasts. Might simply be a mater of saturation.

    NBC's Standards and Practices office is probably in Colorado. :D

    "Dracula" ruined Van Hellsing. *SPOILER*They had the man turn two innocent children just to get revenge on their father.*/SPOILER*

    Well, I'm pretty sure that someone will edit that fight between Jack and Hannibal so that it does end with the Morpheus shot. Watch. There is even a recent sample to use. A Toyota commercial, I think?

  2. I think William Seabrook may have been the guy you were thinking of re: journalistic cannibalism - he's the guy who let us know it tastes like veal, not pork.

    Also re: doc sutcliffe - yeah, everyone was upset by that EXCEPT MADS who apparently couldn't stop laughing when he was supposed to be sawing the dummy's face open. That is a man who loves his work :)

  3. Regarding Cleo's theory about the "break up" in the Hannibal season:

    In the books, it's mentioned Hannibal is constantly writing notes and sending gifts and such to people he knew pre-incarceration. It's my personal headcanon that, after Red Dragon, Hannibal likes to send Will greeting cards that look all saccharine, but all the poems are filled with jokes about horrible facial scarring. And poor, drunk Will has to keep throwing them out.

    Basically, I cannot help but think that even post-break up Hannibal can't resist fucking with Will.

  4. Here's that snippet of the Silence of the Lambs script involving Chilton and a pen-knife:

    I tried my hand at recapping/reviewing Sleepy Hollow, but gave up after four episodes for exactly the reasons listed here: 1) way too much going on, 2) it all breaks down if you start to question it and don't just go with the energy.